Best RAM For i9 9900K in 2021

Choose the Best RAM for Intel Core i9-9900K

If you are looking for an Ideal ram that comes into your budget, we share some of the top suitable rams for your core i9-9900k.

A good ram in your computer device allows functioning smoothly, like water running through a stream. It helps to enhance your gaming experience and the proper working of programming tools.

But it must buy a ram which suits your computer system, which is the best ram for core i9-9900k.

For this purpose, we have made it easy for you by making a top-rated and affordable list and the best ram for i9 9900k.

Top 4 the Best RAM for i9 9900K?

With great research, we have listed the top five best ram for i9 9900k. After going through these, you will no longer need any kind of research.


Product Name 


TEAMGROUP T-Force Dark Pro Gaming Memory

T-Force Vulcan Z DDR4 16GB Kit Desktop Memory

Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 DRAM Desktop Memory 

HyperX Fury 16GB 3200MHz Desktop Memory

RAM options:

1. TEAMGROUP T-Force Dark Pro Gaming Memory Module for i9-9900k



The T-force Dark Pro series is the brand of Samsung. This ram is the best ram for i9 9900k as it can handle multiple takes with lightning speed.

The plus point of this ram is its heat dissipated feature, which allows the ram to work for the long term without causing any trouble to i9-9900k.

T-force Dark Pro series is also optimized for Intel’s XMP technology. In overclocking, you can alternate between multiple memory settings. 

Sometimes ups and down in the voltages and frequency lead to overheating, but you should not worry about it. It has an aluminum heat spreader, which cools down the ram within no time.

When we see this T-force Dark Pro series’s working, it can transfer the data at the rate of 25.6 GBs with a speed of 3200 MHz. This sounds great for game lovers as i9-9900k is a good gift for gamers.

  • Design and Build quality is extraordinary
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Heat dissipation
  • Memory management issues

Final Verdict

What else you want as this ram has lightning speed with adequate bandwidth and genuine latency. So it is the best and wise choice to buy it for you i9-9900k.

2. TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z DDR4 16GB Kit Desktop Memory Module Best RAM for i9-9900k



This product realizes the quality of its work. When you plug this best ram for i9 9900k, I am sure you will discover a sudden change in your system.

The ram has missing RGB LEDs, but that is not everything. The priority is smoothly working, which this ram is giving you.

This product is packed with the ability to protect memory. It has a powerful heat dissipation system that helps the working of the ram at full capacity.

When we look at this product’s suitability, it has the right combination with AMD and Intel devices. Most people use it with such a device and have positive feedback.

From the gaming perspective, this Vulcan Z is excellent in its job. It provides gamers, and extreme results as DDR4 ram for i9-9900k gives adequate bandwidth without any latency.

  • Plug and forget
  • Falls in budge circle
  • Some lack of RGBs may disappoint you
  • DDR4-2933 has some limitation

Final Verdict

Like the T-force Dark Pro series, Vulcan Z also works at 3200 MHz, ideal for users. So the product will provide a good experience and satisfaction if you choose to buy it.

3. Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 DRAM Desktop Memory Kit a good option



The main feature of Vengeance LPX is for high-performance overclocking. It is from corsair, which is famous for providing the right quality products.

This ram is good for the people living in hottie areas as it has a good heat spreading ability. By looking at the design and building quality of this product, you will realize that it has head spreaders made of pure aluminum.

These aluminum spreaders allow dissipating the heat very fast.

This ram has DDR4, which is suitable for i9-9900k. By this, it promises a fair amount of bandwidth in low power consumption.

As mentioned above, this ram is made for intel and AMD devices and has good compatibility, so that’s why we have listed it.

  • Lightning speed
  • overclocking feature
  • Easy to use
  • AMD and Intel compatibility
  • The memory may not run at 3200MHz

Final Verdict

This ram is good according to its pricing. But some features are also missing, like working at 3200 MHz. But it falls in our budget category.

4. HyperX Fury 16GB 3200MHz Desktop Memory for i9-9900k



HyperX Fury is the right solution for people who have i9-9900k and wish to have more and more ram memory. The prominent feature of Hyper X Fury is its automatic feature of overclocking.

It overclocks at 2400 MHz and also at 2666 MHz. It helps in a better performance experience.

This HyperX Fury is equipped with a beautiful heat spreader that helps it to stay cool. This is also good and compatible with Intel and AMD devices.

  • Enhanced overclocking
  • Elegant designed and finishing
  • 3200MHz may face some issues.

Final Verdict

According to the price, it has all the useful features that a quality ram should have. So we consider it the best ram for i9 9900k and worth buying.

Points considered while Choosing the Best Memory.

When you choose a ram for your pc, you should remember some key points and features to look into the ram. Because it is not what you buy every day, some buy once and forever, it should be suitable for you and your pc.

So here are some key points which you should find in a good ram.

Clock speeds and system support

You must buy such a ram that supports your system. A wrong choice of ram not only hurts your pocket but also wastes your precious time.

So you should consider such a ram which you can handle easily. Choose your ram according to your pc.

Heat spreaders and lights in the ram

Every ram has its design and heat spreaders. Some rams have beautiful lights and have unique designs. All of such a structure can attract you, and you will go for it. But wait a moment, do they matter a lot?

The answer is no. They are not. It is the quality of the ram that matters a lot. So when you are buying any ram, check out the build and working quality of the ram.

A Standard RAM

Most people get confused about which RAM is good for buying. The suitable memory for an average pc is 16 GB, which helps the system for smooth running.

If you want more speed for your pc, 32GB is also a good option.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the Best RAM Speed for Intel 9700K/9900K?

Do you want to speed up your system by installing an ideal RAM? Yes, you can but before buying you should consider the following things.

Firstly you should choose a ram relevant to your MHz speed, a system having low speed can install 2400-2666 MHz Memory. It will synchronize to boost the system.

In case if you are fond of running heavy games the range of 3000-3200 MHz can enhance your gaming experience.

2. How Much RAM is Ideal for my 9700K or 9900K?

If you are looking for a RAM that can boost your i7-9700K or your i9-9900K. You will require some important things to consider.

In case of light usage of the computer like the programs of Microsoft Suite, internet browsing, and any similar workload, 8GB RAM is enough for such kinds of tasks.

Taking a big step moving toward 16GB RAM is for those who want to run hight quality apps like video editing and playing the popular games which are a little bit havier

With 16GB RAM makes your system enable to enter into the whole new generation where this size of ram is standard in a moderate budget

But when you are a streamer, a professional gamer, or photographer you should move toward the 32GB RAM. That is ideal for your nature of work and will help to handle all of your tasks.

So a bigger RAM will help your 9700k or 9900k to render within a blink and improve the feature of the system better.

3. What’s the Best Choice Here?

As you know there are plenty of RAMs are out there, but we have mentioned the top four best due to many reasons. Some of the important aspects of these RAMs are they are fast, heat resistant, and workable for a long time.

So if you want to draw out the most of your Core i9-9900K you should consider one of your listed RAMs as these come hands specifically with this system.

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