Best SSD for MacBook Pro 2012

Things have been replaced with new advanced machines, the same case is with the MacBook Pro 2012. There are a lot of new versions in the market. But if you’re not comfortable with new things and loved to own an old MacBook model due to attachments or whatever the reason may be.

However, if you plan to speed up and look for the best SSD for MacBook Pro 2012, we can help you find the most suitable one. An upgrade with the new SSD ( solid-state disk drives) by replacing old HHDs ( hard disk drives ) can make you feel you are using the latest MacBook Pro model. Because SSDs are faster, responsive in collecting data and presentation.

Top 7 Best SSD For Macbook Pro 2012

Now it’s time to unveil our recommendations for choosing the best SSD for your MacBook Pro 2012. All the items that we have listed are after significant research and the opinion of many users who have used them.

1. Samsung 860 Evo 2.5 Inches For Macbook Pro 2012



You are well aware of Samsung Products. When it comes to SSDs, Samsung is a brand that maintains its position on top of it. Therefore, the first choice of SSD for the MacBook Pro 2012 mid should be a Samsung SSD. It provides many perks like high-speed transfer, encryption, optimized for 3D and 4k videos, and a decent warranty period. For a better understanding, check the pros and cons.

  • The users have given a high rating of 4.9/5.0.
  • The price is very reasonable.
  • Compatible with both Windows and MacBooks.
  • 5 year warranty period.
  • Speed is not up to the mark
  • The software of magicians can run only on PCs, not Macbooks.

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2.Internal SSD Crucial Max500 For Macs



Crucial has made its name by being the most selling SSD on Amazon. It has improved a lot with time and got a good fanbase. Crucial max500 is in different variants like 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB. It depends upon the user’s usage and choice according to the needs. The reason we have listed it is the speed that gives about 560Mbs and writes up to 95k files. It is a versatile SSD good for both professionals as well as personal.

  • High speed upto 560 Mbs with 95k files reading and writing.
  • Encrypts data for safety and security from the hacker’s attack.
  • 3D NAND technology.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Less warranty period of 3 years
  • A bit of a high sound while working.

3. Sandisk SSD Plus 3.0 For MacBook Pro



When we consider upgrading the old MacBook Pro, the first assumption is whether it is compatible or not or the drawbacks. But don’t worry, as SanDisk has made an SSD for MacBook Pro 2012 and 2013 users. It is compatible with the devices having 2.0 and 1.0 SATA.

Sandisk is made for boosting your experience by giving a speed of 535 Mbs so you can do your work in no time. It is suitable for both business and personal usage. We recommend you to choose 480 GB SSD for MacBook Pro 2012 as it is decent storage for performing daily basis tasks. Another benefit of choosing SanDisk SSD plus is the low consumption of battery usage. Therefore, you can work more on MacBook Pro on a single charge.

  • Compatible with MacBook Pro 2011, 2012, and 2013.
  • Low battery consumption.
  • Durable as Shock and vibration resistant.
  • Little less speed compares to others

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4. WD Blue 3D NAND Best SSD for MacBook Pro 2012



WD Blue is striving hard to compete with its competitors by providing high-quality SSDs at a low price. The company’s motto is to move towards advancement, and each model of the SSD is better than the previous generation. 

You can get WD 3D NAND SSD for MacBook Pro 2012 in different capacity sizes from 250 GBs to 4 TB, depending upon the usage. The company promises to give the maximum speed for data transfer which is 560 MBs holding multi-tasks simultaneously.

One of the highlighted features of western digital is low consumption of power as the company claims 25% power saving means it will allow your MacBook Pro to last long before charging. Similarly, digital gives a 5-year brand warranty as a backup so the customer can use it without any fear. WD also has a specific free downloadable software that will make the users able to monitor the state of the drive and clone for the backup and in case of any issue.

  • Power saving devices save upto 25%.
  • You can get a maximum speed of 560 MBS.
  • Affordable in pricing.
  • Free software to monitor the SSD.
  • Free software for SSD not compatible with MacBooks

5. Samsung 870 QVO SSD 2.5



As we said before, Samsung is leading the field of SSDs and finds most of the SSDs made by Samsung. Samsung 870 quo is the version for the people who love to have much storage in the best SSD for MacBook Pro 2012. So in this specific SSD, storage capacity starts from 1 TBs standard and goes up to 8 TB.

Samsung has made improvements in all aspects like maintaining the speed, magician software, and compatibility issues are resolved. It is basically an advanced version of the Samsung 860 EVO so that any user can upgrade to the premium version. But the drawback is its price which is a bit much as compared to the previous model.

  • High storage capacity to store a large amount of data.
  • Optimized speed to perform all the tasks in the fastest ways.
  • The warranty period should be ten years as it is a high storage device.
  • Magician software does not support MacBooks.

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6. Kingston A400 Internal Best SSD for MacBook Pro 2012



Kingston A400 is a suitable replacement for the HDD of your MacBook Pro 2012 as it has more speed in data transfer and acquires less space. If you are planning to get simply affordable and small storage for your MacBook. This is an ideal SSD to buy.

If you look at the specification, it can operate in extreme conditions from 0 degrees to 70 degrees. Similarly, all storage versions start from 120 GBs and go to 1.92 TB, which means you can have many storage capacity options. If you are having some budget issues and looking for a cheap SSD for MacBook Pro 2012, small storage of Kingston a400 is an ideal option.

  • Slim dimensions can easily fit into the device.
  • Various space options are available to choose from.
  • Can operate in extreme temperatures.
  • The warranty period is only three years.
  • No software is given for monitoring.
  • Speed is a little compromising.

7. SanDisk X400 SSD 2.5



Sandisk has launched this specific model x400 to take users out of the old HDDs as they are low in speed and operating. It has used the 2.0 Ncache technology to make a better performance.

The dimensions of the SSD are some much thin that can easily fit into your MacBook Pro 2012. It can handle multitask and endure the transfer of data at high speed without any lag. The company has made sure to provide different storage capacities to keep in view users’ needs. Therefore it can be an ideal SSD for MacBook Pro 2012 to make it a modern device to use.

  • 2.0 technology to optimize the speed
  • High endurance rating to handle multitasking.
  • Various storage capacities to choose from.
  • Does not include recommended software.
  • The price is a bit high.

Things Consider While Buying Best SSD for MacBook Pro 2012

It is not as simple as you google and order an SSD for MacBook Pro 2012. There are a lot of factors that you should consider while buying an SSD Pro for your mac. An internal SSD has specifications that can make a significant difference if you choose the right one. Some of the essential factors are as under.

1. SSD Storage Capacity To Choose

The first step is the determination of what storage capacity you really need. Internal SSD is available in different storage capacities like 120 GBs and goes up to 8 TB or more. It is on you to decide which storage is ideal for you.

In most cases, it varies from user to user. Some people need high storage to store a large amount of data and use the MacBook for browsing etc. So if you want to use your MacBook daily, use 500 GBs to 1 TB is an ideal storage capacity.

2. Budget Limitations

When we think of the upgrade and look for SSD for MacBook Pro 2012, budget is really our concern. We always look at what pricing the SSD is available to buy and how much you can pay for upgrading an old device of 2012.

If you have a limited budget to upgrade a MacBook, you should look for the SSD having small storage because the smaller stores will lower the piercing. Similarly, SSD of the lower brands can also be available at a low price.

3. Brand Consideration

Most people are confused at this point that either they should consider the brand or go with the cheap brand having the same specs. Well, we all know the all the recognized brands are entrusted due to the quality product. But you can go for the alternative brands that can give the same specs at lower pricing.

However, before choosing any alternative brand, you should look at the reviews of the people who have already used this device. If you are satisfied, you can go for it. Likewise the view you should also look at the warranty period that the brand is providing. A decent warranty period can help you to get the alternative brand at reasonable pricing.

4. Compatible With MacBook Pro 2012

When you are looking for an SSD for MacBook Pro 2012, see the seller’s specification. Check whether it is compatible or not. Because sometimes, SSDs only work on PCs and do not function in MacBooks. Therefore, to avoid any kind of inconvenience, double-check the compatibility with your device.

5. Considerable Performance

If you have not used the SSD device, you cannot compare the difference between the HDD and SSD. In the past, HHD equipment devices were the only option for everyone. But with the advancement, SSD replaced HDD due to better performance. Even if an SSD has the lowest specs, it can beat HHD easily. Therefore, everyone has shifted to it.

So if you are thinking that your MacBook Pro 2012 is getting old and unable to stand with the modern software and usage, first change the HDD to SSD and give it a second try. You will feel a significant difference.

Guide For Shifting From HDD to SSD For Macbook Pro

Once you have made up your mind of replacing your old HDD of MacBook Pro with a modern speedy SSD, there are some precautions to take care of, especially when you have data on the old HDD because a hard drive is the only thing that stores all of your data which you do not want to lose.

Before going through the changing process of SSD for MacBook Pro 2012, you should backup your data from the old mac hard drive. Because when you replace it with the new one, you will have to restore all the data you have backed up.

Always use the help of the experts while changing the hard drive if you have not previously done that. Otherwise, you can see a tutorial video on youtube to understand easily.

When you have changed the SSD, you will have to go through the installation procedure before your MacBook Pro 2012.

The Bottom Line

The procedure of shifting from HDD to SSD for MacBook Pro 2012 is not very easy. A single step can change the whole game. Therefore we recommend you get expert help while installing the SSD. 

Once you have changed the HDD to SSD, significant, you will see a noticeable change in your device. So we can hope that this device can serve you for a couple of more years.

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