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    Poem: “Sherwood Forest”

    Tue, 10 Jan 2017 05:09:44 +0000

    Poetry isn’t my strong point. I’m more of a news and prose writer. Hell, I write narratives not rhymes. I just wanted to honor a hero of mine.

    Holy crap, that rhymed…

    “Standing up for what I believe in will always take precedence over whether you like me or not.”

    -Sean Maguire

    By Hook or by Crook, the Crook’s got some words

    inciting anger and petty towards that hairy cur

    Don’t care for the bells? Like him or not

    like Miranda, he’s not giving up a shot

    to do what is right, to use art

    to be a hero with words, show off his heart.

    They say it’s overrated

    speaking for the understated

    These heroes are needed to fight

    against this world’s anger and plight

    They spread that hope and love

    Fans are needed when they’re shoved

    to push that message out

    show what we’re about

    and spout

    that we’re not standing for hate and doubt.

    From Leia to Meryl , we must create art

    to help heal pain and broken hearts

    These are my rhymes, however bad,

    to remember the roles my hero has had.

    Be smart like Ian

    spy for those needin’

    strength, pride, and hope

    to have a future where they can cope

    Be brave like Sir Robin

    put away all your sobbin’

    for words, pictures, dance,

    theatre, songs, and romance

    Laugh like Leonidas

    (It’s hard to rhyme “Leonidas”)

    to smile

    be silly, bring cheer for a while.

    Back to the hero, the man, the light

    He’s the one charging words for this fight

    Be honest like Sean, most important and truly,

    helping less privilege is our duty

    We need these great people of all kinds

    who aren’t afraid to lay it out on the line

    We need Green Wishes from the Hops

    Life influencers like the Soch’s

    Diversity like Atlanta

    Helping kids in the Savanna

    with Hiddles UNICEF mantra

    Feathered faith like Lana

    Disagree with your neighbor?

    Have words. Put down your saber

    Respect. Connection.

    Words. Communication.

    One family. One world.

    To destroy each other’s absurd

    Listen to this father, listen to this man

    Respectfully disagree if you can

    Strive to be like Maguire

    question the orange storm’s ire




    Fanfiction: My Little SwanQueen! Magic is Magic!

    Thu, 22 Dec 2016 01:04:28 +0000

    I didn’t know what present to get my editors over at

    for Christmas. We met through the show Once Upon A Time through podcasting. Both are big fans of the SwanQueen ship. My editor, Bri, is a big fan of My Little Pony. So, I wrote her and Alex a terrible Once fanfic with ponies.

    Happy holidays, everyone!

    ! Morning in Storybrooke shines! Emma Pony knew for absolute certain that everything was certainly fine! There’s the Mayor on route to her office. There’s Mr. Gold making some deals.

    “Morning kid!” Gold waved.

    Her Storybrooke was so gentle and still. Can things ever go wrong? She don’t think that they will.

    Morning in Storybrooke shimmers! Morning in Storybrooke shines! She knew for absolute certain that everything was certainly-


    Ugh. Emma Pony turned and found Killi Filli ogling her from the porch of old Mare Lucas’ diner. Sure, he was a handsome stallion, but he wasn’t that deep when it came to thoughts and plotlines. Unless it dealt with his dead brother or his ship—which Emma Pony was certain he humped at some point—the guy didn’t have much else going for him. He needed to get a job.

    “What is it now? I was having a beautiful day!” Emma Pony trotted over.

    “Robin Hoof has gone missing!”

    Emma Pony rolled her eyes, “He probably got tired from not having enough screen time and did an episode of Timeless or something.”

    Killi Filli shook his long black mane. She had to admit he was pretty hot until he opened his mouth, “He was supposed to meet your father for a job interview at the police station but never showed up! My secret love is worried!”


    “What?” Killi Filli blew it off. Everyone knew about the deep sexual tension between her dad and the pirate. Geez, they should just kiss already. As long as Emma didn’t see her dad like that, who cared?

    Emma yearned for hot chocolate with cinnamon and apple slices, but it was time to be the savior! She turned, “I saw Mare Mills back there. We’ll ask her!”

    They galloped down the street until they spotted Mare Mills leaving the town shrink’s office. Archie Hoofer was a good man.

    “Regina!” Emma cried.

    Regina turned and her mane flowed in the wind. Emma gaped as the sun hit it just right. Not now, angsty pony thoughts! You have to save the day, and Regina was taken anyway!

    “What’s the matter?” Regina asked.

    “Robin Hoof is missing! Do you know where he is?” Killi Filli asked. “We’re supposed to have a male only pool party with my mane man David AKA Prance Charming at the nude beach!”

    “Ugh, too much information,” Regina huffed.

    Emma asked, “Do you know where Robin Hoof is?”

    “Why would I know?”

    “Aren’t you dating?” Emma held her breath.

    “No,” Regina confirmed, and Emma internally cheered. “He never had a conversation with Henry ever. Like no talking on screen a single time. I can’t marry a stallion that won’t talk to my kid.”

    “Point taken,” Emma nodded still checking out all four legs of sex on Regina. It’s like they ran all the way up to Camelot and back. “Killi Filli, go to my dad and stay with him.”

    “He’s probably with Snow White Tail,” Killi Filli pouted. Lord, he was lucky he was pretty.

    “There’s a thing called threesomes and polyamory. Go for it,” Emma Pony shooed at him.

    “Yeah! Best of both worlds!” Killi Filli cheered and galloped off.

    Regina smirked, “I thought he would never leave.”

    “Same. Okay, down to business. What now?” Emma smiled.

    “Let’s go ask Gold. He probably has a magical item of doom that will fix this entire problem,” Regina said.

    Emma cocked her head, “Why do we always go to the evil bad guy for problems? You would think we would ask the Blue Fairy. She’s the greatest source of good magic.”

    “We’re contractually obligated to talk to Gold. Adam and Eddy said so. Besides, I’m pretty sure that Blue is actually Queen Chrysalis in disguise.” Regina led the charge.

    They arrived at Mr. Gold AKA Rumpel Stallion Kin’s pawn shop and kicked in the door!

    Rumpel Stallion Kin shined a small silver box on the counter, “What’s the occasion, ladies?”

    Emma eyed the box, “Is Robin Hoof in there?”

    “No,” he laughed. “Belle needed a vacation, so I stuck her in this box for a week.”

    “That’s wrong!” Regina yelled.

    He shrugged, “When we’re here together, we make each other sad. Besides, I have a magical blow up doll of Mare Mills evil other self that I keep in the back for when I get lonely.”

    “Ugh,” Regina grimaced.

    Emma wondered if she could get one of those dolls. Focus, Emma Pony!

    She stepped up to the counter, “Do you have a random magical object #47 to help us?”

    He shook his head, “I only have a random magical object #53 at the moment.”

    Regina scoffed, “Like that would help us now!”

    “Use you magic, ladies,” Rumpel said matter of fact.

    Emma brightened up, “Yes! We have magic! I always forget about that unless the plot is relevant!”

    Regina nodded thanks to Gold and led Emma outside, “If we use our magic together, we might could find Robin Hoof.” She held out a hoof.

    “You want to hold hands?” Emma tried not to mouth breathe like a nerd.

    “Yes, don’t be a foal! Give me your hoof!” Regina insisted.

    Emma pressed her hoof into Regina’s. The Queen pulled her close and kissed her. Emma Pony tensed, but then, she slowly sank into the feeling. It was right. It was perfect. A rainboom of magic exploded from them and spread over the town. It was the mark of true love’s kiss. Their personal curse of never having love ended right there.

    Regina and Emma butted heads together, but Emma had to ask, “What about Robin Hoof?”

    “He’ll find another show,” Regina took her new girlfriend’s arm.

    Together, they pranced away to tell their son the good news.


    Rumpel Stallion Kin twisted the top off of a random magical object. Smoke billowed from it and swirled from the ground up to reveal Robin Hoof. He was trapped inside the entire time!

    “Your plan worked,” Rumpel remarked. “Emma and Regina will finally be together.”

    “Well, love can make magic. Magic is magic, and in this case, there is no price,” Robin Hoof grinned. He pointed to the door, “Are you coming to Prance Charming’s stallion only beach party?”

    Rumple gripped his blow up Evil Queen doll.

    Robin shrugged, “Suite yourself! Hopefully Jefferson the Mad Hoofer, 50 Shades of Graham, Knave of Halters Will Scarlet, Liam, Liam 2.0, Victor Franken Saddle, August W. Bridle, and all the hot men will be there.”

    “Aren’t half of them dead?”

    Robin Hoof shook his head, “Dead is never dead on Once Upon A Time!”

    And everyone was gay forever and always.

    The End




    Free Writing: “We Rebel”

    Wed, 09 Nov 2016 19:35:08 +0000

    I don’t write a lot of poetry. It’s not my forte. After recent events, I wanted to do a little freewriting. This is dedicated to my friends who are scared. This is dedicated to Mr. and Mr. Maguire who believe in love, hope, and positively. This is dedicated to my family the most. I don’t always agree with you guys, but I will always love you.

    “We Rebel”

    We rebel.

    Not with violence, no never that. To find words that can connect us. Find an agreement through our differences. Words weigh more and are harder to mine. It’s the most precious thing to have. Communication is needed.

    We rebel.

    We believe in art. We believe in our escape. We dance and create and move forward with colorful voices. We twirl in rainbows and free ourselves with brush strokes. We discuss in podcasts. We strum on guitars. We share it with the world.

    We rebel.

    Sing like Tosca. Write like Anouilh. Paint like Max Ernst. Question like Night Vale. Break away like Sabine Wren.

    We rebel.

    Believe in love. Love is the greatest thing. Love your family if they’re different from you. Love your friends who are likeminded. Love the stranger who might need help. Examples are set and actions speak loud. A smile becomes kindness. Kindness becomes a movement.

    We rebel.

    Accept differences. They should not be feared. They make you grow and soar and keep you from being stuck in your ways. Your mind will expand filling the world. When you believe your thoughts won’t get bigger, the stars goad you to look up and reach for them.

    We rebel.

    Do not be comfortable. Comfort is settling. Settling is stunting. People are not made in comfort. Adults are not strong without hardships. Humans have risen in strife and seen through horrors to accept the peace on the other side. Until the next battle. There will always be battles.

    We rebel

    Small moves. One person at a time. Our neighbors. Our cities. Our states. They roll and roll until an avalanche crashes down the Tower doors. The power seems small. Small shouldn’t be scoffed at, because seeds become great oaks.

    We rebel.

    Be peaceful, but loud. Scream until your voice is gone. What then? Write. Paint. Dance. Sing. Scribble. Graffiti. Work. Nurture. Grow. Hug. Act. Design. Laugh. Fall. Learn. Expand. Welcome. Self. Others. Self. Accept. Explore. Create. When your voice comes back, scream again.

    We rebel.

    Protect our parents. Protect our sisters. Protect our brothers. Protect our children. Protect our lovers.

    We rebel.

    Listen. Really listen. Don’t just hear it. Comprehend it. Consider it. Disagreement? Discuss it. A human is beside you. Respect them if you wish for that back.

    We rebel.

    The sun will keep rising. The moon will wax and wane. The seasons will come. The world will spin. Babes are born; people will die. One step at a time. Breathe. Focus. Tomorrow will come.

    We rebel.

    Again, again, and again.




    Gods and Men- A Stage Reading

    Fri, 05 Aug 2016 16:32:45 +0000

    On July 30th, 2016, my ten minute play made a debut in a stage reading. It was part of the 24 Hour Occupy the Stage event by the Women’s Theatre Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina. Luckily, it was recorded!

    Hades was played by Mike Fox and Dionysus was Ashley Popio.

    Here’s is “Gods and Men.”




    Free Writing: Celestial

    Sat, 23 Jul 2016 05:20:38 +0000

    Note: This is unedited.

    There’s no chance, is there? You’re so far up there and so far away.

    I can only throw my voice so far. You’ll never hear it.

    How many more times can I try before I’m hoarse?

    How many more times can I call before I lose it all together?

    Dear Huntsman, you captured me already.

    You might not be Orion, my favorite celestial, but you’re my favorite something else.

    I want the best for you. You seem to have it.

    Fame. Power. Money.


    Probably. I can only gather so much.

    Are you okay? Have you smiled today? Do you smile a lot?

    Can I make you smile? Have I?

    Have I invaded too much, Huntsman?

    I fear every log on. I dread every post. I check each word in case you see it.

    How much longer can I live in fear?

    What is there even to fear? We will never know each other.

    I know you can’t hear me. You’re too busy and important to see me.

    You shine so bright in the Heavens, Celestial.

    How can you see me on the ground? How can you see me in the trees?

    I’m too small. I don’t shine bright.

    You burn. Burn so bright. It hurts. It hurts to fear for nothing.

    I see others on the ground. They’re prettier. They’re thinner.

    They know the right words to say.

    “Hey daddy.” “Hey sexy.” “Hey handsome.”

    That’s not me. I’ve never been one to talk to stars.

    My head might be up there, but I’m not one.

    All I can do is wish you a good day and hope for that smile.

    Hope it makes you brighter. Hope for a change.

    A change that will never occur. One that is stagnant in this mud.

    Will we talk? Will you write back? Will we smile to another?

    This isn’t love, no. You cannot love a being you don’t know.

    Admiration, yes.

    Promise, yes.

    Possibility, yes.

    Love, no.

    There is no such thing of love from afar.

    Do you know me? Can we be friends?

    Can I just hear back? Can I hope for that much?

    That’s too much for ground dwellers, isn’t it?

    It’s over, isn’t it?

    Like Pearl said, “It’s over, isn’t it?”

    I guess it can’t be over, Hunter, if it never began.

    Nothing has begun, has it?

    Nothing. That’s what this is. Admiration is beautiful, but not when it sticks.

    This is a horrible feeling. It’s empty and cold.

    Are you cold up there? Are you alone in the sky?

    You seem to be surrounded with such warmth.

    So many people love you. Lucky.

    I know people love me too. I’m grateful.

    But you, my Celestial, your acknowledgement is one I seek.

    Do you even know me?

    Do you care?

    Do I matter?

    How do I know if I matter?

    Must I climb to the stars with you to be seen?

    Just a word. Just a thought. Just an okay.

    Too much to ask, right?

    Rebecca Sugar said today, “You can worship someone, you can idolize them, but in order for mutual respect to exist you have to respect yourself.”

    I have this. I love myself. I accept my flaws.

    I work at them. I chose to be alone to work.

    I’m ready, Heavens. I’m ready to try.

    Are you? Are you ready to root for me the way I have rooted for you?

    Oh yeah.

    You’re up there. I’m down here. You can’t hear me, can you?

    So I stand on this ground looking up.

    You’re beautiful. So sharp. So much wit. Such a mouth full of sharp words.

    Rough past makes for a good man.

    You seem like one.

    So be my example. Be my strength to work towards.

    You already are my inspiration.

    My Celestial, I write in hopes you will be in my work.

    I write to work side by side as equals.

    For now, I shall be on the ground and write.

    You light is my guide.

    Shine bright for me, dear Hunter. Shine bright.

    Don’t burn out too fast.

    We will be equals one day.

    Be happy.

    Live on.

    Find love.

    I’ll root you on from here.

    “Here Comes A Thought” by Rebecca Sugar

    Take a moment to think of just

    Flexibility, love, and trust

    Take a moment to think of just

    Flexibility, love, and trust

    Here comes a thought

    That might alarm you

    What someone said

    And how it harmed you

    Something you said failed to be charming

    Things that I said are suddenly swarming

    And though I’m losing sight

    I’m losing touch

    All these little things seem to matter so much

    That they confuse you

    That I might lose you

    Take a moment and remind yourself

    To take a moment and find yourself

    Take a moment to ask yourself

    If this is how we fall apart

    But it’s not, but it’s not, but it’s not, but it’s not, but it’s not

    It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok

    I got nothing, got nothing, got nothing, got nothing to fear

    I’m here, I’m here, I’m here

    And it was just a thought

    Just a thought, just a thought, just a thought, just a thought

    It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok

    We can watch, we can watch, we can watch, we can watch

    Let them go by

    From here, from here, from here

    Take a moment to think of just

    Flexibility, love, and trust

    Take a moment to think of just

    Flexibility, love, and trust




    Link Round Up 7/18/16

    Mon, 18 Jul 2016 06:06:41 +0000

    I’ve been quiet over here on GGX mostly because I’ve been super busy!

    …Playing Pokemon Go. It’s consumed my life!

    That doesn’t mean I’ve been quiet other places. Here’s what I’ve been up to in the last month.

    What the Fangirl

    I wrote a comic review of my friend Jackie Lewis’ book Merry Men. It’s a comic about LGBT Robin Hood where they’re literally “Merry” Men. He’s protecting the gay, queer, and transgendered people of England. For being set in Medieval times, it’s a very modern book.


    I did a completely guilty pleasure piece and wrote about my “.” I don’t care if I’m almost thirty. I love my little Emmy nominated show about cartoon ponies!

    Next, I wrote about how the announcement of Forest Whitaker’s character in Rogue One made me cry. He’s playing Saw Gererra from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I can’t even begin to describe in shorthand what this means to me. My love of Star Wars started with Clone Wars. I wouldn’t have become a podcaster or help start What the Fangirl if not for Clone Wars. I’m incredibly proud of this piece. .

    The other piece that I’m proud of is one about how celebrities deserve privacy. I messed up and accidentally stumbled upon the Instagram of my favorite actor’s partner’s page. I saw pictures I wasn’t supposed to see and it devastated me. It was an incredibly hard piece for me to write. I relived my trials of being a press member and learning the boundaries of whether or not it’s okay to do certain things around celebrities. At the end of the day, they’re just people.

    If you do a quick search on here, I’m sure you can figure out who the actor is. It’s not a big secret.



    I’ve continued Drunk Wonderland. I’ve slacked a little bit the last couple weeks (blame it on Pokemon Go), but I’m editing episode four.

    Here are the show notes for episode two and three. I apologize now for episode three. I was VERY drunk!

    Drunk Wonderland 2: Trust Us! We’re Getting Tipsy!

    Welcome back to Drunk Wonderland!

    This week we’re watching the episode “Trust Me.” We’re starting to get tipsy as we progress through the episodes! Fill up your glasses to sit back and listen!

    Here’s !

    There’s a few places you can listen to this:




    Drunk Wonderland 3: Forget-Me-Not, Cause I’m DRUNK!

    Welcome back to Drunk Wonderland, and MAN! I’M DRUNK!

    This week we’re watching “Forget Me Not,” the third episode of Once Upon A Time in Wonderland! This was the end of our first night of recording. I apologize now for all my drunk ranting.

    Just a couple housekeeping notes:

    There’s a time where Allison stretched out on the floor. Some of her audio is lost, since she was further away from the microphone. It also started raining, so there’s a ton of background noise in parts.

    Enjoy it!

    There’s a few places you can listen to this:




    Jaig Eyes and Jedi:

    We’ve finished up season one and jumped right into season two! I highly suggest listening to the season one round up. It’s probably my favorite episode Chris and me have recorded together. We talked about how Star Wars: Rebels has effected us rewatching Clone Wars. Chris and I also discuss the impact of having more female character in Star Wars. Ahsoka Tano is my hero and my love of Star Wars. She’s the reason I’m still in the fandom. I also cried while discussing it, because it’s that important to have women in media.

    I also suggest the episode for “Innocents of Ryloth.” It’s my perfect episode of Clone Wars. It has Jedi, battle droids, and encompasses the compassion of the clones. It also shows that children are the true victims of war. It’s probably one of my favorite episodes of Clone Wars of all times.



    Holy cow guys! Two True Freaks Network has a youtube page! And guess who put up the first video?


    Since Star Wars Celebration just wrapped up in London, they dropped a trailer for Star Wars: Rebels season three! I did my first ever trailer reaction. And yes, I had to mention Michael Socha in it. Because it’s me. I’m THAT kind of person.

    I can’t help that he’s so wonderful.

    I do realize I need to tweak how I do my reaction like not leaning in to hide my face. Hey, it was my first time, so I think I did pretty good! You can watch it below!

    And that’s it! See you next time!




    My Comic Picks for 6/22/16

    Wed, 22 Jun 2016 19:20:54 +0000

    It’s Wednesday which means new comic book day! From Rebirth to Inhumans to Rey, Finn, and Poe, there’s a lot to read! Here’s what I pulled this week!

    Wonder Woman #1

    So far, I’ve been very impressed with DC’s Rebirth reboot. This is the first time since 2011 that I’ve been excited about DC Comics. Greg Rucka didn’t let me down in Wonder Woman’s Rebirth one-shot, and I’m looking forward to this series. Diana is searching for her true origin as she realizes that moments of her life has been lies. I’m also really digging her new costume. This looks like the start of a strong run.

    The Flash #1

    A lot of the Rebirth titles have revolved around Barry Allen and Wally West, so I didn’t want to miss this week’s issue. That’s also my minor criticism so far with Flash and Flash: Rebirth. It’s not great for new readers if you missed DC Universe Rebirth #1. So far, the Flash titles have been continuations of that one-shot. The Flash: Rebirth was pretty much issue two of the Universe title. I’m hoping with this week’s issue, it will break away from the Rebirth titles and start it’s own story.

    Aquaman #1

    What a surprise! I read Aquaman: Rebirth on a whim. I was blown away by it! It ended up being one of my favorites so far. It’s funny, heartfelt, and had plenty of action. Even though I want to see Mera do more, it really made me excited for this title. This is the first time ever in my life that I’ve looked forward to reading Aquaman.

    Gwenpool #3

    I never expected to love this series as much as I do. I’m not a big Deadpool fan, and I can’t stand this whole Spider-Gwen fad. Trust me, I’ve tried many times to read Spider-Gwen. It’s so boring! When I gave Gwenpool a try, I more read it so I would know what I was selling in the comic book store I work in. I fell in love. She’s not Deadpool or Spider-Gwen. She’s completely new and original. Her stakes are higher than Deadpool since she doesn’t have powers. If she gets shot, she’ll die. Gwenpool is more interesting than Spider-Gwen. I totally relate to her nerdy video game and comic loving side. Also, Gwenpool has a ton of heart as she mourns the death of her friend.

    It also helps I’m a huge fan of Gurihiru’s art. This two woman team has tackled many of my favorite comics like Avatar: the Last Airbender. I just love them so much.

    Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #8

    I wish this series was selling better, because I have loved every single issue. You don’t have to be a super powered dude to be a hero. Here we have a young girl who’s a child genius, an engineer, and loves science. She makes herself a hero by building everything herself. With the help of her dinosaur friend, they make a fun and exciting duo.

    If you have young girls, please get them this comic. Seriously. I mean it.

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #4

    And here is Boom! Studios making bank on the nostalgia train!

    The best thing about it, though, is Power Rangers is a great comic! The art is beautiful. The story is solid. It’s not like remakes for movies or TV shows where they try and fail to create the original magic (looking at you, Fuller House). This is the adult version of Power Rangers that you grew up with. They weave in some 90’s cheesiness, but it still feels very modern. The only thing I hope is they will give some other characters more focus. Once the Tommy arc wraps up, I would love for Billy, Trini, and Zack to get more love. They’ve barely done anything in four issues, and they’re my favorites.

    Doctor Strange #9

    After The Vision, this is the best comic Marvel is currently running. Jason Aaron isn’t pulling any punches as he puts Doctor Strange through the ringer. From issue one, poor Stephen hasn’t had a break. There have been no wins. He’s scraping by as the enemy is destroying everything that makes him the Sorcerer Supreme. Even though it’s set in magic and spells, this comic feels like real life. It’s rare to get a huge win life. Most of the time we’re getting by and making the most of it. This is a great run especially with the movie coming this fall.

    Power Man and Iron Fist #5

    There’s no “fiddle-faddle” about it! This is a fun comic! It’s contemporary as Luke and Danny are the heroes on a street level. It’s full of action, heart, and visual gags (massive Luke Cage in a smart car. That’s all I’m saying). Every time Jessica Jones makes an appearance, there’s an extra level of love written in. As this wraps up the first arc, I am a bit weary as the Civil War II tie ins start next month. I get why they do tie in stories with comic events. It can add drama to the story. What I dislike about them is when they interrupt the overarching tale. For example, I simply adore Dennis Hopeless’ current run on Spider-Woman. But when they ran the Spider-Women event, I skipped those two months. Spider-Gwen bores me, and I can’t stand Silk. I hope I won’t have to skip the Civil War II issues for Luke and Danny. They’re a great team up, and I don’t want to lose them.

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens Adaptation #1

    This is exactly what it looks like. It’s The Force Awakens as a comic. There’s no new dialogue or story. What I like about these is getting the art. Luke Ross does a fantastic job with capturing the expressions and energy of each character. Mostly I want this to complete my collection of every Star Wars comic in Marvel’s new run.




    Round up those links!

    Wed, 08 Jun 2016 17:27:56 +0000

    It’s been a crazy few weeks as I get back into the swing of things. My best friend’s wedding really did throw off my groove. Here’s what I’ve been working on:

    What the Fangirl

    I wrote a few big posts over on . The first was a personal piece about Snapchat and celebrity crushes. I discussed anxiety and depression that can come from your favorite not answering you back. It was a difficult one, but I did it! I’m incredibly proud of this article. If it can help someone else, then I did well with it.


    If you have frequented this site for just a minute, you could probably figure out who I was writing about.

    The other piece ended up having a massive surprise with it.

    I wrote a very run of the mill comic review of Green Arrow: Rebirth #1 which. I didn’t think much about it. It was a standard “read comic, write an hour, and post a review” kind of thing. I didn’t go out of my way to make it special.

    Then, I got a pingback from another website in the comments section. They had referenced my blog in some way. “Cool!” I thought, and I clicked on the link.

    Apparently I pissed off a group of man babies when I praised Oliver Queen calling himself a Social Justice Warrior. They were even trashing me in the comments section. While it’s always nerve wracking when people are talking bad about you, I ended up having a good laugh with my editor over it. Some of my facebook friends even chimed in about these silly boys:

    I guess you can’t please everyone. It was a good test in getting a thicker skin too.


    Holy crap, you guys! I miracle has happened! For the first time in over a year, I updated my personal podcast Hope of All Trades:

    “Happy 50th episode to me!

    After a very long hiatus, I’m back with class! Okay, not really. I get drunk with two of my friends, and we watch Once Upon A Time in Wonderland! Allison is a Once fan watching Wonderland for the first time. Billie hates all things Once Upon A Time. What could go wrong?

    Here’s episode one “Down the Rabbit Hole!”

    Here’s !

    Check out my new Star Wars: The Clone Wars podcast

    on the Two True Freaks network!

    You can see my work over at !

    And follow me on

    and on !”

    There’s a few places you can listen to this:




    Jaig Eyes and Jedi:

    Jaig Eyes and Jedi had a big month! Since there were five Wednesdays in May, we got five new action packed episodes! We’re currently covering my favorite chunk of season one of Star Wars: The Clone Wars!

    Check out all of Jaig Eyes and Jedi !

    You can also !

    Our also hit 200 followers~! Wooo! Go us!

    This year is flying by! I can’t believe it’s June already. I’m not close to finishing some of my writing goals for the year. It’s time to keep on trekking and push forward.





    Personal Note is Personal: Prompts from Gravity Falls Episodes!

    Thu, 02 Jun 2016 06:50:59 +0000

    I saw this on Tumblr, and it looked like fun! It felt like a great way to get back into the swing of things over here.

    This prompt is inspired by one of my favorite shows, Gravity Falls. Each question is based on the episodes. Let’s get started!

    Tourist Trapped: Describe an event that started a pivotal change in your life.

    It was when I was in middle school and read Sabriel by Garth Nix. I always loved writing, but I only did it for fun. That was the first time I read a book and said, “This is what I want to do for a living. I want to be a writer!”

    Also reading Lamb by Christopher Moore and Siddhartha by Herman Hesse about the same time changed how I viewed religion in general.

    Legend of the Gobblewonker: Do you believe in any mythical creatures?

    Do ghosts count? I totally believe in ghosts!

    Head Hunters: Name a material item you can’t live without.

    My laptop. I have so many friends and family members in other states. The internet keeps me connected to them. I also do all my writing on my laptop. It’s how I do my job.

    The Hand that Rocks the Mabel: Have you been on any memorable dates?

    The night I was going to lose my virginity, I had been dating a guy for several months. We were getting serious and wanted to go the next step. He had sex before, but it was my first time. Before the date, we talked about whether or not we were ready for that. We decided we were.

    He took me out for a lovely dinner, and we went back to his place. We talked for a bit, played some video games, and had a pretty relaxing night. When it was time, we went to his room. He asked if I wanted to have some music, and I said it was fine.

    He freaking starts playing ! I burst out laughing and screamed, “I’m not losing my virginity to Jack Black!”

    The Inconveniencing: Did you have any odd childhood rituals or habits?

    This isn’t a childhood thing, but I have to check my alarm five times before bed. I’ve been late for work too many times.

    Dipper Vs. Manliness: Is there anything you would change about yourself?

    When I get super passionate about something, it’s like I get blinders up when it comes to other feelings. I’ve been working on not doing that.

    Double Dipper: What’s something you wish you had the courage to do?

    Talk to guys or girls I like.

    Irrational Treasure: What’s the silliest thing you’ve ever done?

    When fireworks were still banned in Georgia, some friends of mine and I drove to Alabama to buy some for the Fourth of July. We came back to Georgia, snuck behind an office building, and set them off while screaming Harry Potter spells.

    The Time Traveler’s Pig: Are you a pet person? What kind?

    CATS! LOTS OF CATS! I want a career and cats as an adult!

    Fight Fighters: Are you afraid of anything?

    Rational Fears: Flying in an airplane and falling from low heights. I had a bad head injury as a teenager. Since then, I don’t like falling or being picked up.

    Irrational Fear: The robot revolution. Androids, artificial intelligence, and that stuff scares the shit out of me! I explained it !

    Little Dipper: Do you get jealous easily?

    It depends. I tend to get jealous when I have a skill, then someone comes in who’s better. It takes me awhile to adjust to that. I have to learn from them to improve myself.

    I also have a really old car. I can’t travel anymore. I often see my friends get together in Atlanta or going to conventions, and I can’t join them.

    Summerween: What’s your favorite holiday, and why?

    Even though I work retail and it’s hard to celebrate, CHRISTMAS! I haven’t felt in the mood of Christmas the last few years, but I do love it. The lights, the cold, the music, the presents, seeing family, the FOOD, FOOD, and MORE FOOD. I love everything about it~!

    Boss Mabel: How well do you handle leadership?

    Depending on the project, pretty well I think. If I’m comfortable with what I am doing, then I think I’m fine (I hope!).

    Bottomless Pit!: Just tell us a fun story!

    One time, I was driving in my car. This was before my CD player broke. I had my windows down and was BLARING the ! I pulled up to a red light and didn’t notice the car beside me had their windows down too.

    Suddenly, this big, burly guy in the next car just yells, “OH SHIT! THAT POKEMON!?”

    We sang it together at the red light.

    The Deep End: Is there anyone whose company always warms your heart?

    My best friends~! Maegan and I always have fun stories to tell, and we’ve been through SO MUCH together. Billie gets me, and I don’t need to ever feel ashamed around her. Allison is my cupcake love, and we always laugh and laugh together. She’s been such a positive force in my recent life.

    Carpet Diem: If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would it be and why?

    Someone rich so I can dump their money into my bank account and pay my student loans.

    Boyz Crazy: What celebrity or band would you love to spend time with?

    My Chemical Romance. I grew up with them. Every album came out in a pivotal moment in my life. Three Cheers came out when I was in high school. Welcome to the Black Parade was in college. Danger Days was when I was losing my house and doubting being an artist.

    They helped me express myself and fight for what I believe in. Whenever I had anxiety or wanted to hurt myself, I would listen to their music to work through it. I might not be here today if not for their music.

    Land Before Swine: Is there anyone you would risk life and limb for?

    My family or friends. Any child in danger. My nieces and nephew.

    Dreamscaperers: What’s the last thing you really thoroughly thought about?

    I recently wrote . I wrote about how to deal with anxiety and depression when your favorite doesn’t write you back. I explained how they’re normal people who shouldn’t be put up on a pedestal.

    Gideon Rises: Is there anything you thought you’d never accomplish, but you did?

    I really had a lot of doubts throughout college, but I got through it.

    Scary-Oke: Do you like to sing?

    I love to sing! I’m just terrible at it! Life’s too short to not sing and dance.

    Into the Bunker: Are you someone who lets out all their feelings, or hides them?

    All of my feelings are always on my sleeve. I’m also a TERRIBLE liar and SUPER gullible.

    The Golf War: Do you have anyone you consider a rival?

    Not really, no. I have other writer friends that I often times get intimidated by. I have to remind myself that we have our own stories to tell in our own styles.

    Sock Opera: What’s the most elaborate project you’ve ever done?

    I stage managed RENT in college. It was my first time stage managing a musical. That was extra stressful, because I was dumb and saved my upper level Creative Writing minor classes for the end of my college run. I honestly look back at that semester and don’t remember much of it. If RENT wasn’t one of my favorite musicals, I would probably hate it now. It was poor, poor planing on my part. I stretched myself very thin that semester.

    Soos and the Real Girl: What do you look for in a great partner or friend?

    Someone who is great at communicating, respectful, silly, can make me laugh, and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Lord knows I’m a nerd and don’t take myself seriously.

    Little Gift Shop of Horrors: Name a super strange piece of media that you’ve seen or read.

    Does terrible 90’s dubbed anime count? Because before Funimation was a thing, there’s some awful stuff out there.

    Society of the Blind Eye: What is your fondest memory?

    Christmas as a kid. There was that excitement of Santa coming. It was one of the few times a year we would make pancakes or waffles. Then we would go to my grandparents house. Sometimes we would go to Lake Lanier to see their Magical Nights of Lights which is miles upon miles of lights. We would have Christmas Eve candlelight services at church. It was so magical and gave me a love of the holiday.

    Blendin’s Game: How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

    My birthday almost always falls on Dragon Con, so that’s become a tradition.

    The Love God: Are you the matchmaking type?

    I like to ship characters in shows, but not normal real life people. I’ll root on friends if they’re dating.

    Northwest Mansion Noir: Is there anyone who’s ever surprised you as a person?

    I guess this sort of qualifies as a rival from a previous question. This is a negative surprise. There was a person I knew through the internet. I had a bit of a crush on this guy. I didn’t care they were transgendered, and he seemed so cool. I was really excited to meet him. When he came into town for a con, I was staying at a friend’s house. We set it up for the guy to stay with me at the friend’s place. WELL, HE ENDED UP BEING AN ASSHOLE!

    He never gave me a time when he was coming into town. So, he called me up at 12:30 at night to drive around Atlanta to find him. I drove around for two hours until I found the exact Holidays Inn he was at. I found out that he didn’t want to pay for a hotel which was why he set up to stay with me in the first place.

    He treated my friend like shit making awful comments about the house. He was also incredibly ungrateful to stay there for free. He never once thanked my friend.

    He said he would give me gas money and never did.

    He was storing stuff in my car. I told him specifically the three hour period I would be unavailable. There was a movie debuting at this convention two weeks before it’s release that I had been waiting years to see. He called me twenty minutes before the movie to get his stuff so he could move it into a hotel. When I said no I was in line, he called me a bitch and threatened me. I got out of line, helped him move his shit into his room, and when he didn’t thank me, I got pissed. He asked me why I was so mad. While this wasn’t the most sensitive thing to say, I barked back, “Because you are an ungrateful piece of shit, YOUNG LADY!” And I stormed out. Luckily, they did a repeat showing of the movie, and I got to see it the next day.

    The following con, I was rooming with a friend. She booked two rooms, and he was in one. I told her I did not want to be in his room. He arrived at the con at 1AM, and BANGED on the door demanding to be let in. He woke up everyone in the room to get his room key. My friend told him she had specifically texted him the other room number for his key. He said he was too lazy to get out his phone since this was faster.

    I’ve seen him treat multiple friends disrespectfully. He bullied them if they didn’t agree with his opinions.

    I’ve never seen someone so disrespectful. I’m not saying this because he’s transgendered. I know so many AMAZING transgendered people. He was just a shitty person in general.

    Not What He Seems: Have you ever had to make an incredibly tough decision?

    Choosing to walk away from a higher paying job with more hours to take a lower paying one with less. The first job kept me from writing, which is my love and passion.

    I do love my job now. Working in a comic book store is super fun. I just wish the pay was better.

    A Tale of Two Stans: Tell us about a dream/goal of yours.

    I want to write for television. I’ve been teaching myself how to write a pilot script.

    Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons: What’s the nerdiest, geekiest, or dorkiest thing about you?

    WIZARD WROCK! I went into !

    I also have a Star Wars podcast called

    where my friend and I discuss every episode of Clone Wars!

    Also, lots of conventions over the years. Dragon Con, MomoCon, AWA, 221B Con, Wrockstock, and more!

    The Stanchurian Candidate: Are you good at public speaking?

    Yes, I’m very comfortable speaking in public.

    The Last Mabelcorn: Have you ever been hurt by someone you trusted?

    Who hasn’t?

    Roadside Attraction: Are you a hopeless romantic?

    Yes and no. I have plenty of daydreams, but I don’t think they apply in real life.

    Dipper and Mabel Vs. the Future: How do you feel about the future?

    Poor, as in lack of money.

    Weirdmageddon Part 1: Are you a determined person?

    It depends on what I’m working on. I’m a terrible self starter, but once I get going, I GO FOR IT!

    Escape From Reality: Describe your perfect dream world.

    Three words: Celebrity Male Harem.

    Take Back the Falls: Name something that will always have a special place in your heart.

    ! It is my Hogwarts. I’ve never been in a place where I felt so much love and acceptance in a fandom. There were people there who never read Harry Potter but loved music. It was a four day Wizard Wrock festival at a YMCA camp. It had a beautiful lodge on a lake. There would be main stage bands, but also smaller band that played throughout the day. Sometimes you would go down to the docks, and bands would be playing acoustically. From the time you woke up to the time you went to bed, it was music all the time. I’ve never will forget 500 people shouting at the top of their lungs, “THE WEAPON WE HAVE IS LOVE!”

    Thanks for reading!




    Review: The Aliens S1E5: The Weapon We Have Is Love

    Tue, 12 Apr 2016 06:40:13 +0000

    This post was originally posted on .

    What an episode of The Aliens! I’m brushing off my old Wizard Wrock CD’s, because Dominic and Holly proved one thing this week. . It was tough love, but it came from the right place. For the first time in the series, I feel like Lewis has a direction. I’m finally seeing who this character is.

    That is if the promo for next week isn’t true. I swear if he heads off with Lily, .


    After sorely missing Holly last week, my baby was back! Holli Dempsey, who plays Holly, nailed the performance never missing an acting beat. She brought such raw emotion to the episode portraying this woman stuck in life. Lord, she was brilliant proving why she is the best written character in the show. Part of me wishes The Aliens was all about Holly as she struggles with drug abuse, finding acceptance with alien coworkers, and discovering her brother is half alien. THAT would be an amazing show! Where can I sign a petition for a Holly spinoff?

    Holly’s journey this episode was necessary for both her and Lewis. I’m assuming she left her job from . She wouldn’t ask Lewis for money if she was working. We see her struggle to stay clean from her drug habit. She’s trying to reconnect with her son, Ely, but her previous choices makes him ignore her. Holly makes the easy choice opposed to the right one when she accepts Lily’s proposal to become a drug dealer. I was ready to ship this character a CD of

    I would have been disappointed in her if it wasn’t for her final act. Lily (who I despise and will get to in a minute) outs to Holly that Lewis is half alien, half human. Holly could have been disgusted like her father. She could have turned away. She could have made another easy choice to save her own life.

    Instead, my brave Holly let Lily go and took the fall for a drug bust. She knows she has no chance in the real world. She gives up her freedom to save Lewis. She tells her brother to look out for Ely. She makes the greatest sacrifice for her family. This woman right here is the hero of The Aliens. Why isn’t this show about her?

    I don’t foresee Holly being in the finale next week. Being in jail, there’s really no way for her to show up again, especially since this is Lewis’ story. If we don’t have her in episode six, my favorite character went out with a hell of an emotional bang.

    Holly, you are the shining star of this series. Miss Dempsey, thank you for bringing this fantastic character to life. You and the character Holly are simply fantastic.

    I’ve pointed out in the last few reviews about how the marketing was misleading, and The Aliens is actually a drama, not a comedy. Dominic brought the fun this week showing why he’s the other best written character in the show.

    Even faced with death, Dominic never gave up being who he is. He stopped one of Fabian’s hit men from killing a man. He bumped into the guy in wonderful Roger Rabbit fashion as he spouted off his rights as a border checkpoint janitor. He put his own life in danger, because it was the right thing to do. It was wonderful. In retaliation the hit man gave the order to Dominic that if he didn’t finish the job, Fabian would kill Dominic. For a chunk of the episode, Dominic proved that he was about as useful as

    as a secret agent.

    Once again, Dominic is setting the example who Lewis should try to be. Dom and Holly both made several choices this week that were correct but were the much harder road. The right choice isn’t the easiest one. Lewis has been trying to take the easy road to balance his alien and human sides. For the second week in a row, Dominic is the voice of reason to Lewis. He flat out says that he’s a shit friend and everything isn’t always about him. Lewis became so focused in himself, that he forgot about people who actually mattered. Dominic gives Lewis that tough love that he desperately needs to hear. Antoine isn’t important. Lily isn’t important. But Holly and Dominic, the two who have stood by Lewis this entire time, are the ones he needs in his life. Lewis needed to hear this.

    While I sometimes fear that Lewis will be the downfall of Dominic, I hope that Dominic will be Lewis’ saving grace.

    I will always admit when I’m wrong. Back in my , I said that Lewis deserved to be a little selfish. He’d always did everything for his family and work. If I had known it would take him down a murderous, destructive path, I would never had rooted for him.

    Dominic nailed it when he said that Lewis was a shit friend. The reason Lewis flipped back and forth on my pros and cons list for several episodes is because the character is written unevenly. , I said I didn’t know who Lewis was. They’ve made advances with the character, and then ripped them away every other episode. We don’t know what kind of story they’re trying to tell for him. Lewis needed something to get him straightened up.

    Finally, FINALLY, we have a direction for Lewis! Dominic opened his eyes first when he called out how terrible Lewis has treated Dom for five episodes. Holly furthered that choosing to protect Lewis by going to jail. I think Lewis finally saw the people who mattered. Antoine doesn’t listen to him. Lily abuses him every week. His step father would never accept him being half alien. Holly and Dominic, though, made massive sacrifices for Lewis to see what he needed to do. We even got a great hero shot of Mr. Socha at the end (see the picture).

    I just hope he stays on this path through the finale. The promo for episode six doesn’t give me much hope. It looks like Lily and Lewis might sleep together. If they end up as a couple, I’m rage quitting this show.

    Lewis, just put

    on repeat until next week, and you’ll be alright.

    Wrap up those pros!

    Antoine- Antoine is a character I think is okay. He’s not my favorite, but he’s not the worst person here. I wish we got more scenes with him. His right hand man clearly wants Antoine to be a mob leader again. Something has changed in Antoine since he’s went to jail. He’s still willing to get his hands dirty, but it’s not his first choice anymore. I think having Lewis around and the unknown past with Lewis’ mother is what changed him. It was fantastic he had a chance to kill Fabian’s son. It would have been a massive blow to his enemy. Instead, the father instincts came out as he sparred the boy. I’m wondering where exactly they’re going to go with Antoine. With the city of Troy rebelling, it looks like it won’t be Antoine vs Fabian anymore. Instead, it will be Troy vs the humans.

    Fabian’s Son- This kid is so intriguing! Fabian clearly physically and mentally abuses him. The son, though, still went after Antoine to try and save his father. To be honest when the son got a gun, I half hoped he would shoot Fabian to escape the abuse.

    Chief- I haven’t said much about Chief, Antoine’s right hand man, for a few episodes, because he hasn’t done much. Now that Truss is dead, someone has to take over the role of “Dick Cop.” He knows that Lewis is a half alien now, and he’s not happy with how Antoine is leading their mafia. I can’t wait to see what he does with this information.


    I’m not going to rewrite for the third week in a row why I have issues with Lily. Check

    for that. I will, though, continue on how Lily should be written as the main villain of the show and not the romantic lead.

    Lily doesn’t love Lewis. She doesn’t care about him in the least. He’s always been a pawn for her to move around Antoine and Fabian. If Lily loved him, she would have never outed Lewis being half alien to Holly. What’s worse, Lily did it to save her own skin. You don’t do that to people you love.

    It all comes down to choices. I was talking with another user on

    about The Aliens. They asked me if I thought Lily had any redeeming qualities. I flat out said no. She made all of her life choices putting her in the position she’s in. Yes, Lily grew up in Troy which is an awful place. So did Dominic, though. Dominic chose to go the right path to better his life. Even in the face of oppression, he would take chances to apply for better jobs. Lily had all of these opportunities too. She didn’t choose to take them.

    That’s why she would make a much better villain. All of her choices get people killed, maimed, or has destroyed Troy around her. If these were all ploys for her to seize power in Troy, then I could fully support her as a character. She would actually make a fantastic villain! Instead, they push for her to be the abusive romantic lead who will get Lewis killed one day.

    What a waste of my time.

    I’ve never seen Fabian as a threat or a villain. , I called him a peacock. , I said he was a child. Hell, his son had more guts in this episode than he did! Fabian is chewing away at the scenes adding nothing to the actual story. This is why I think Lily should be the main villain. She’s moving Fabian’s pieces for him. She’s planting ideas in his head. Ever since the Pilot episode, all of his plans came from Lily. He’s a terrible antagonist stealing screen time that could be used to develop other characters.

    Also, Fabian has placed his men in charge to do various different jobs. When optimistic but not the wisest Dominic can stop one of Fabian’s hit men and then team up with Lewis to outsmart Fabian’s right hand man, you have a massive problem. Fabian and his men are all idiots. I’m not sure how he came to power in the first place, because he’s failed at everything.

    Fabian is the other big waste of time on this show.

    Wrap it up!

    There were many parts of this episode I loved. Dominic and Holly carried it, while Lewis finally found his hero mojo. I’m still not happy with Fabian and Lily which took down the score a bit.

    I gave episode five of The Aliens 16 out of 20.




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