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    My Comic Picks for 2/24/16!

    I used to do this before Geeky Girl Experience crashed. Here’s my comic picks of the week and why!

    Kanan #11

    UGH! I’m so upset that Kanan ends next issue! It’s my favorite of the Star Wars comics! This issue was absolutely fantastic. If you listen to my podcast , you know how much I freaking love the clones. There are clone feelings following Stance’s death last issue. But what’s more telling is how much Caleb foils Ezra in the series. You can clearly see why Kanan is Ezra’s master! I read this issue right away when I got home, and it’s probably one of my favorites in the Kanan series.

    Saga #34

    Saga is always another title I read right when I get home. Sometimes, I’ll read it in the store, because I just can’t wait! This was more of a set up issue. It’s looking like a lot of the main players will be clashing very soon. We’re nearing the end of the arc with the sixth trade coming out in May. That means be warned! FEELINGS are coming in the next issues!

    Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #3

    I wish Hellcat was getting better sales, because it’s amazing! Comics don’t always have to be serious or action packed. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a comic about what heroes do when they’re not being superheroes. Hellcat was a complete surprise to me. I fell in love with the first issue. I’m looking forward to seeing where the series goes. If you love Lumberjanes, Squirrel Girl, Power Up, or comics that are fun and heartfelt, you should really give Hellcat a try. It’s so worth it!

    Faith #2

    Faith #1 was the first time I’ve read a Valiant comic. And I was hooked giving it my highest comic rating of the year so far! Faith is the hero that all women need. She feels current and fresh even though she’s been around for years. There are so many nerd jokes woven into the narrative, but the masses will appreciate it too. My favorite part is no one ever mentions her weight. Faith is Faith, and she’s an ass kicking, plus sized superhero. That’s who she is, and that’s amazing.

    Hercules #4

    If you’re one of those piss boys who’s been bitching and moaning about Jane Foster being the “She Thor,” there’s a series called Hercules you should be reading. It’s pretty much any of the old Thor comics with the Odinson.

    That aside, I’ve really enjoyed this series. It’s tying in really well with Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch. If you’re reading those comics, Hercules is a good choice to see another side of the story.

    Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #4

    Here’s another title I wish was selling better. This is great for tweens!

    Lunella is such a little inspiration showing that girls can love science and be smart. So what if people tease her? She has a freaking DINOSAUR as a friend! The only thing about this issue I’m not excited about is the new Hulk is in it. I hate Amadeus Cho as the Hulk. He’s a spoiled, sexist pig who uses his status as the Hulk to try and pick up woman. He’s a brat that doesn’t realize you can’t flex a muscle and expect women to fall over you. Because the moment he opens his mouth, they’ll realize what a douchebag he is. Look out, Moon Girl. He might be a cradle robber too!

    The Goddamned #3

    Cain (as in Cain and Able) can’t die and wanders the Earth looking for ways to end his suffering. Noah is preparing the world and gathering animals for the Flood. Yes, the flood that kills humanity. Forces are moving for these two to finally meet.

    I’m seriously wondering how or if Cain will survive the flood if it comes down to that. He’s currently helping a woman find her son. My theory is that will redeem Cain in God’s eyes and finally let him die. But that’s just my theory.

    ANAD Avengers #6

    I’m so excited for this issue!

    It looks like The Vision, easily one of the best Marvel comics on the market, is bleeding into Avengers. Vision is acting more like his crazy, murderous wife!

    Where we last left the Avengers in issue #5, Vision was blackmailing Nova. He also led the others to kicking out Ms. Marvel. Then in a fight, he sent Captain AmeriSam through a portal with Thor into the future. Without her hammer, Thor turned back into cancer filled Jane Foster struggling to survive in the hostile world. Shit is hitting the fan, and I can’t wait to read it!

    See you next week!

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