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    My Comic Picks for 3/2/16

    It’s that time again! This was a relatively small comic week. Here are my picks for this week!

    Another Castle #1

    I’ve been waiting for this one. I loved Paulina Ganucheau’s work on Zodiac Starforce, and she continues her brilliant talent in Another Castle. Princess Misty’s kingdom comes under attack from an evil force. She doesn’t need a prince to save her to defend her people.

    were bright, vibrant, and looks like a heck of a lot of fun. I’m excited to get in this!

    Avengers Standoff Alpha 001: Assault on Pleasant Hill

    The spring event for Marvel is officially launching after last month’s one-shot. Standoff looks WAY better than Civil War II coming this summer. I wish Marvel would stop tying in their comics with the movies. We don’t need another Civil War. The first one was enough. Anyway with Standoff, I’m just incredibly happy Bucky Barnes is back on Earth. While I loved Ales Kot’s run of Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier, I prefer Bucky when he’s interacting with others. He’s one of my favorite characters in Marvel. !

    Black Widow #1

    I hate to admit this, but I didn’t get to read the previous run for Black Widow. It was one of the best reviewed Widow comics, but I haven’t had the time to get to it. I think the last huge chunk of Widow I read was when she and Bucky were dating in The Winter Soldier run that Ed Brubaker wrote. Needless to say, I’m excited to see how comic superstar Mark Waid takes on our favorite female spy.

    Power Rangers #1

    I love jumping on the train to Nostalgia Town. Hell, my fifth birthday was Power Ranger themed. I knew issue #0 was going to be good. I don’t think anyone knew how GREAT it would be! , while the 1:100 White Ranger variant has hit $200 on Ebay! I love that they modernized our Rangers much like they’ve done in the

    reboots. But they leave in just enough 90’s cheesiness to remind you this is still Power Rangers. Boom Studios! has really been knocking their titles out of the park in the last year.

    Darth Vader #17

    Star Wars continues their roll of successful comics since launching last year. We’re seeing Vader in an interesting predicament. If you’re also following the main Star Wars title, you know his ally Doctor Aphra, the crazy bitch wild card I love to hate, has been captured by the Rebel Alliance. Recently, Aphra uncovered that Padme wasn’t pregnant when she died meaning that Luke Skywalker is Vader’s son. The problem is the Emperor has men investigating Vader’s recent movements. Vader might get caught with his hand in the evil cookie jar.

    The only thing I feel is missing from the comics is I wish tiny glances of Anakin would peek through more. Darth Vader #6 had my absolute favorite moment in the Star Wars comics thus far. He found out Luke was his son and flashed back to memories of Padme. It was a gorgeous scene that made me tear up. That could be because . I adored Anakin’s tragic down slide over six seasons. I hope we get more moments like that.

    Old Man Logan #3

    Enter HAWKEYE!

    Okay, not HawkGUY meaning Clint Barton (AKA my favorite Avenger). Here we have Katie Kate! She’s now tangoing with Old Man Logan. I will say I still haven’t read Old Man Logan #2 yet, but that’s because . I was hoping Logan would beat the snot out of him. Or kill him. I would have been okay with that too.

    Honorable Mentions

    A-Force #3– This series doesn’t have the same energy of the Secret Wars tie in. It’s still been a pretty good read.

    Giant Days #12– I’m VERY behind in this comic even though I’m still pulling it. It’s a great slice of life comic if you’re looking for one.

    See you next week!

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