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    »» Roll out the party cannon!

    Roll out the party cannon!

    Welcome to the soft launch of Geeky Girl Experience!

    As you can see, not everything is up and running yet. I wanted to have most of the website working before Dragon Con this weekend. There’s still a few minor things to fix like the categories on the side bar and the paypal button.

    There will be certainly much more to come!

    How did this site come about?

    It was New Year’s Eve this year when this venture popped into my head. I wasn’t in a great place at that time. I had missed the submission date for ABC’s writing internship. I was in a retail job that sucked the soul out of me. I barely had time to write because this retail job exhausted me. I needed something to put me on track again.

    My friend Bri from

    podcast gave me the best advice. She’s also a freelance writer and has been incredibly successful at it. She suggested having a website to refer people to. I have a blog on tumblr, but that’s not the most professional format. With that, this idea began to form.

    I summoned the Avengers of my friends to help me out. My long time friend Jon volunteered to be my webmaster. He holds up the tech side of this for the HTML-stupid me. Next, I commissioned my artist buddy

    to create the beautiful art you see at the top of the page. Finally, the team at , the podcast network I’m apart of, offered me tips and guidance from their own websites. They helped me promote the launch on their shows.

    This didn’t come without some bumps along the way. Nine months later, it was discouraging to not have this up yet. The retail job I was at is a high volume store and the biggest in its district. I constantly lost my days off. It wrecked my health both physically and mentally.  I enjoyed the job, but I couldn’t do what I truly loved which is writing. Even my podcast took a hit. I hadn’t put out a new show in three months. I had amazing friends there, but I needed to do what was best for me. With a heavy heart, I left.

    “GOOD FOR YOU!” Mr. Richard Hatem yelled at me on twitter. “You can be financially stable when you’re dead.” He pushed me for this venture (Thank you!).

    My long time writing mentor Brian Katcher (Almost Perfect) kicked me to get off my butt and make it happen. He told me you had to take chances like leaving a good paying job that ate your time to take a risk like this. He pressed for me to make this move.

    A month ago, I started working for a comic book store called . It’s been a rewarding change especially since they’re encouraging me to attend conventions for the store. I’m already enjoying the position there.

    On the flip side, I’ve been met with a mountain of catch up work to do. I knew I wanted this site up for Dragon Con 2014. I pushed forward catching up on this website, my podcast, and revamping my two tumblr blogs

    and , a Once Upon A Time blog.

    I’m proud of the results.

    There will be much more to come after I recover from Dragon Con. I’m working the convention for so that will be my main focus in the next week or so.

    Until then, you can follow updates on my twitter account

    and the above tumblr blogs.

    A special thank you to my family and friends that have always supported me.

    To Jon: thanks for being the best and most patient webmaster ever. There’s a reason I don’t trust my computer to anyone else but you.

    To Erin: thank you for your beautiful work. It’s everything I wanted.

    To Bri and Alex: Your constant support and advice never ceases to amaze me.

    To the guys over at Two True Freaks: For years, you guys have had my back. Thank you for helping me every step of the way.

    Brian Katcher for being the best writing mentor in the world!

    Mr. Hatem for yelling at me on twitter to make this happen


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