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    Some Thoughts on Mr. Socha’s Twitter

    I want to start by saying that I understand that I’m discussing a person’s private twitter account. They have the choice to put on it whatever they want. I’m observing this as a fan, and I know that my opinion doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Like at all. Consider this a trash post.

    On February 17th, Michael Socha’s twitter account came under new moderation.

    It’s now being used by

    who I assume is his publicist. I’m not sure about that though. I wasn’t surprised by this. Many actors have people who moderate their accounts. I know John Barrowman will mark his tweets with “JB” to show it’s him and not his publicist writing:

    Since the day that Mr. Donaghy has taken over Mr. Socha’s twitter account, it’s been nothing but promotions for The Aliens. There’s nothing wrong with this! I’m crazy excited for The Aliens! I’m planning to review the episodes as they air.

    The problem I have is since Mr. Donaghy has taken over, one of my favorite twitter accounts has lost what made it so good. That was Mr. Socha’s input. He is my favorite living actor since Alan Rickman passed away. Mr. Socha is a constant source of inspiration to me. When I went through a terrible transition in my life, I had Once Upon A Time in Wonderland to help me push through. I had the character of Will Scarlet to show me that you can make mistakes and still have people that love you. This was so important to me. I went through three abusive relationships. I felt like a broken person who no one could love again. Will Scarlet taught me that even broken and hurt people deserve second chances. I’m still not dating, but I’m hopeful to find that in my life again.

    That’s why it’s so hard to see his twitter account turned into a promotional machine with no heart. Mr. Socha’s tweets made me laugh. If I had a terrible day, I could read them.

    that he recently went through a rough patch that he successfully conquered. What the Fangirl, a website I work for, is down at the moment as we switch servers. I wrote on it that overcoming his hardships is what made me look up to Mr. Socha in the first place. He’s one of the best success stories out there and the very definition of “Never give up!”

    Tweets like these might seem silly:

    But to me, this is what humanizes him. Too often we stick celebrities on pedestals. Who doesn’t think Kanye needs to get knocked off a few pegs? You can tweet people like Tom Hiddleston or Taylor Swift, and it doesn’t matter. You’re never noticed. It’s unwelcoming. Mr. Socha, though, seems to care for his fans. He doesn’t always chat or respond, but you get the sense he notices. It’s because of tweets like these that doesn’t make him seem standoffish. They’re funny, warm, welcoming, and human.

    I miss that. I miss checking my twitter and laughing at whatever antics he’s up to that day. I miss having that bit of hope that I’m not alone in this crazy thing called life. Can’t we have both promotion for what’s looking like an awesome new show and his insight into the run of the mill aspects of life?

    I know that in the end, my opinion doesn’t matter. Mr. Socha needs to do what’s best for him and his career. I respect that to the fullest extent. He will do what he wants and still have a fan in me.


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