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    Link Round Up 7/18/16

    I’ve been quiet over here on GGX mostly because I’ve been super busy!

    …Playing Pokemon Go. It’s consumed my life!

    That doesn’t mean I’ve been quiet other places. Here’s what I’ve been up to in the last month.

    What the Fangirl

    I wrote a comic review of my friend Jackie Lewis’ book Merry Men. It’s a comic about LGBT Robin Hood where they’re literally “Merry” Men. He’s protecting the gay, queer, and transgendered people of England. For being set in Medieval times, it’s a very modern book.


    I did a completely guilty pleasure piece and wrote about my “.” I don’t care if I’m almost thirty. I love my little Emmy nominated show about cartoon ponies!

    Next, I wrote about how the announcement of Forest Whitaker’s character in Rogue One made me cry. He’s playing Saw Gererra from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I can’t even begin to describe in shorthand what this means to me. My love of Star Wars started with Clone Wars. I wouldn’t have become a podcaster or help start What the Fangirl if not for Clone Wars. I’m incredibly proud of this piece. .

    The other piece that I’m proud of is one about how celebrities deserve privacy. I messed up and accidentally stumbled upon the Instagram of my favorite actor’s partner’s page. I saw pictures I wasn’t supposed to see and it devastated me. It was an incredibly hard piece for me to write. I relived my trials of being a press member and learning the boundaries of whether or not it’s okay to do certain things around celebrities. At the end of the day, they’re just people.

    If you do a quick search on here, I’m sure you can figure out who the actor is. It’s not a big secret.



    I’ve continued Drunk Wonderland. I’ve slacked a little bit the last couple weeks (blame it on Pokemon Go), but I’m editing episode four.

    Here are the show notes for episode two and three. I apologize now for episode three. I was VERY drunk!

    Drunk Wonderland 2: Trust Us! We’re Getting Tipsy!

    Welcome back to Drunk Wonderland!

    This week we’re watching the episode “Trust Me.” We’re starting to get tipsy as we progress through the episodes! Fill up your glasses to sit back and listen!

    Here’s !

    There’s a few places you can listen to this:




    Drunk Wonderland 3: Forget-Me-Not, Cause I’m DRUNK!

    Welcome back to Drunk Wonderland, and MAN! I’M DRUNK!

    This week we’re watching “Forget Me Not,” the third episode of Once Upon A Time in Wonderland! This was the end of our first night of recording. I apologize now for all my drunk ranting.

    Just a couple housekeeping notes:

    There’s a time where Allison stretched out on the floor. Some of her audio is lost, since she was further away from the microphone. It also started raining, so there’s a ton of background noise in parts.

    Enjoy it!

    There’s a few places you can listen to this:




    Jaig Eyes and Jedi:

    We’ve finished up season one and jumped right into season two! I highly suggest listening to the season one round up. It’s probably my favorite episode Chris and me have recorded together. We talked about how Star Wars: Rebels has effected us rewatching Clone Wars. Chris and I also discuss the impact of having more female character in Star Wars. Ahsoka Tano is my hero and my love of Star Wars. She’s the reason I’m still in the fandom. I also cried while discussing it, because it’s that important to have women in media.

    I also suggest the episode for “Innocents of Ryloth.” It’s my perfect episode of Clone Wars. It has Jedi, battle droids, and encompasses the compassion of the clones. It also shows that children are the true victims of war. It’s probably one of my favorite episodes of Clone Wars of all times.



    Holy cow guys! Two True Freaks Network has a youtube page! And guess who put up the first video?


    Since Star Wars Celebration just wrapped up in London, they dropped a trailer for Star Wars: Rebels season three! I did my first ever trailer reaction. And yes, I had to mention Michael Socha in it. Because it’s me. I’m THAT kind of person.

    I can’t help that he’s so wonderful.

    I do realize I need to tweak how I do my reaction like not leaning in to hide my face. Hey, it was my first time, so I think I did pretty good! You can watch it below!

    And that’s it! See you next time!

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