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    An Open Letter to My Favorite Actor

    Hey there,

    It’s time we talked. I’m going to open with the fact I know I’m being a huge hypocrite here. . They should be able to control their social media however they want. I fully believe that actors are people doing cool jobs. At the end of the day, they’re just people. They’re humans with wants, needs, fears, strengths, and goals. I totally get that, because I have all of that too. So, I’m going against all my moral codes writing this about your actions.

    Or should I say lack there of.

    I can’t believe I’m writing this, because I’m not one to call out people. I’m a pacifist by nature and hate starting trouble. Regardless, . As a celebrity, you have great power over fans. Whether or not you want or like it, it’s there. I know, because you have it over me.  I feel it since you’re my personal hero. Your work helped me push through an incredibly hard time in my life. It’s gotten me back on my feet. I watch your shows and movies keeping your own personal journey in my mind. Seeing your success drives me to succeed to my goals. I can’t be the only one who sees you as a bright flame in the darkness of this world. Fans wouldn’t have rallied to make you main cast on a show if you hadn’t resonated with them. You obviously have people who love you so much. Every tweet you put up, I see tons of women way prettier than I am swooning to you. They practically catcall for your attention, and I don’t blame them. You’re pretty much the best person I’ve ever read about.

    Which is why it’s so upsetting the lack of responses you send out to fans. I know I shouldn’t meddle in someone else’s social media account. It’s your life. You should have your privacy. But when seeing other examples from other celebrities, I have gotten a bit spoiled. Big names like Tom Hiddleston will recognize when he gets messages even if he can’t respond to every single one. Hon, you’re no Tom Hiddleston. Let’s use a smaller example. Someone you know, and another man I highly respect.

    Sean Maguire.

    Mr. Maguire is an inspiration to so many fans. When faced with persecution from the internet, he stood his ground. He spoke out against harassment. He’s a champion for women’s equality. He’s soothed hurt feelings with his exit from Once Upon A Time. He encourages his fans to strive for greatness despite their limitations. He welcomes the beaten down, the broken, the hurt fans into his arms and warms them with hugs, love, and smiles. I’ve been ruined by the example set by this man, because he’s a great human being. This is now what I expect every celebrity to act like.

    But you’re no Mr. Maguire either. I’m not sure what the disconnect is. Maybe you just want a quiet life. Maybe you just want down time. Maybe you don’t want someone lesser like me to bother you. I get all of that. I know that feeling. I’m an introvert-extrovert. When I want to be out, I’m out in the day enjoying it. When I need quiet, privacy, and still, I refuse to interact with others. So I get this life choice. I live it all the time. It’s okay to feel this way.

    So why I’m writing you is not about being a celebrity. I’m addressing you as a human being with feelings and emotions to you, another fellow human. Let’s chat.

    Look hon, I was genuinely scared for your wellbeing. On Snapchat, I saw you were in Paris. Days later, there was a terrorist attack in Nice. I wrote you in fear that you were still there. What if you had been killed? I panicked and cried for hours. So I sent you a message. A rare one too. I hate my face unless I choose to show it i.e. youtube (but my youtube would be boring if you couldn’t see my face). So I was brave, went against my comfort zone, and showed you my face.  I begged you to respond, to post something to say you were okay, give something to your fans, and let them know you were well.

    The only indication you were alive was I saw you opened my message. That was enough for me. I wasn’t expecting anything back. In fact, I’m used to it. It’s rare to see you write back to fans on twitter, and they’re all way prettier than I am. I didn’t think you would respond to me.

    Then this week, a knife attack happened in London. It was originally reported as a terrorist attack. I fell into dread again. This was closer to your home. You might be there. I would be crushed if something happened to you. More crushed then I was when Alan Rickman, my favorite actor of all time, passed away. You’re my new Alan Rickman. Chew on that. You’re that great to me.

    I was scared to send my face again. Too nervous. Too much lack of self-confidence. Once again, I know prettier girls catcall you. Go for them. You deserve someone beautiful to make you happy.

    Instead, I fell back on my old method of contacting you. I wrote a message on paper, snapped a photo, and sent it to you in Snapchat. Then, I waited what felt like forever. I stayed up until 4am waiting to see what would happen. I watched CNN and prayed. Prayed for you, your family, and for you to be alright. Finally, I had to go to bed.

    The very first thing I did the next morning was check Snapchat. You had opened my message. You were okay. I cradled my phone and smile with relief.

    You know what sucks about anxiety and lack of self-confidence? I began to wonder about this situation you and I have, sweetheart. I know my strength. My face might not have it, but I have a strong mind in some factors. I’m a hell of a writer. I’m a fantastic podcaster. I have followers of my own who seek my work. So, I do understand your position. You know what’s different, love? I write to them. I talk to them. I wouldn’t be where I am without them. They are my support, my strength, and root me on when I need it. So, hon, I started thinking about something.

    See, I wrote to you, “Are you alright? There was a terrorist attack in London. Are you safe?”

    How long does it take to write back, “Yes?”

    Maybe a few seconds at the most.

    Here’s the other thing about anxiety:

    It makes you feel worthless. I wasn’t worth three seconds to write back “Yes.” In fact except for one time, you never answered me back. I wasn’t expecting it. You’re like WAY more important than me with a life, a job, a family to worry about. But seeing how other actors treat their fans, treat them like human beings, I kindly ask what the ever loving fuck? Is another human being not worth three seconds of your time?

    Maybe it’s my upbringing. See, pretty much every single one of my friends who has ever been to England say that the Brits are sarcastic, thick skinned, and tough in general. I wasn’t raised that way. I don’t have a thick skin and take things quite personally. I have difficulty telling when people are teasing. I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I was also raised by my parents to do two things with people:

    Call people “Sir” and “Ma’am” to show you respect them.

    When someone talks to you, you answer them back however how short and small your answer is. If you don’t, you’re being rude.

    So, Sir, when you don’t answer back, I see that being rude as hell. Maybe you think I’m not worth your time. Maybe I’m just another fan. Maybe I’m just unimportant to your life. I don’t like assuming the worst in others. I don’t believe you think any of those things about me or any fan. I think your fans are very important to you. I think you recognize that you wouldn’t be where you are without both your extreme talent and the support of the mass that loves you. To put frankly, I think you realize that we’re the ones who pays your bills, feed your child, and puts a roof over your head. We give our hard earned money that could go towards bettering our standards, paying our bills, etc. to pay for your play ticket, buy your DVDs, and get your merchandise. I know we’re important to you. So maybe, just maybe, show some love to those fans. Write back to those tweets. Put up some love to fans on Snapchat. Give us a nod you’re there for us as much as you’ve been here for me.

    The Unlikely Candidates say it best with one song that completely reminds me of you:

    “Your love could start a war.”

    And I’ve seen those fans call for some love. Just a simple hello, a smile, a nod can go a long way. One of my three life rules is to make two people smile a day. You could do that to thousands.

    Something I do wish to clarify is that fact that you don’t owe us anything. We choose to be your fans. You don’t have to give anything back if you don’t want to. All I’m suggesting is consider being more active. You don’t have to take this at all. You can ignore this letter altogether. You have that right. All I’m saying is that you could make a lot of people happy being an active presence. For example, Benedict Cumberbatch doesn’t have any social media accounts, but he’s constantly at charity events, taking pictures with fans, and visiting hospitals for the sick. Maybe consider being more active, because you have great influence.

    Another life rule of mine is you never need a reason to help people. You just do it. You can help them emotionally. You could pick someone up after they have a bad day with a single tweet. You can stick your name on a fundraiser, and just because you’re an actor, people will take notice. You can literally change a person’s life! You have a chance to help hundreds, maybe thousands of people.

    What power you hold over us, sir.

    Use your power wisely. You have it. Savor it. Respect it. Use it for good. Urge your fans to support charities. Drive them to supporting women’s shelters. Cheer on their victories. Wish them happy birthday. Use it to raise awareness to those in need.

    Change the world, Sir. I know you have it in you.

    The worst part is I’m scared of that power. I fear sending this to you directly. I’m scared of what you think of me. I’m scared of offending you. I fear burning bridges that aren’t there. And that, Sir, is way more destructive than anything else. I fear you seeing my feelings, seeing me flawed, and seeing me as a human being like you.

    Hopefully, you take this to heart.


    An Honest Fan.


    . It’s become quite stale. If I wanted to see nonstop advertisements, I’d follow McDonald’s accounts. At least they interact with fans and followers.

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