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    Geeky Girl Experience Etsy Shop!

    I’m so excited to announce that I made !

    This is just the beginning of it. I’m already scheming new items for Star Wars, Gravity Falls, and other fandoms that I love. But for now, this is step one to get the ball rolling. Purchasing an item is a great way to help support the website and my work. As always, your support means the world to me.

    I personally love the

    that’s featured above. On the back side is a happy face. You can show the world your current mood as you enjoy your coffee. That one was hand drawn by me, so I’m proud of that one!

    I know that I’m a little late for Pride, but I also love the

    I made. It was important to include the brown and black into the rainbow. , Pride was built on the backs of black and brown trans women. They should be included.

    I’m also in love with my Geeky Girl Experience logo, created by my wonderful friend Jess Wilson. It’s gorgeous on the white background of all the items. I’m swooning for it! You should also check out Jess’

    and follow them on ! Give them a hello from me!

    You can check out these items and more at the !

    And be on the lookout for new items to come!


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    […] out all of this and more at the Geeky Girl Experience Etsy […]

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