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    Remembering Star Wars Resistance Day is Coming!

    In exactly one month on August 29th, my friends over at

    podcast are hosting Remembering Resistance Day. Fans of the series Star Wars Resistance will come together to celebrate two seasons of the .

    I’m super excited to participate by writing an article (or two) for this event!

    Here’s all the details from their :

    On August 29, 2020, fans from around the Star Wars community can celebrate Star Wars Resistance as part of the first annual Remembering Resistance Day.

    In memory of the show, which concluded its two-season run on January 26, we invite fans to use the hashtag

    across all social media and to share your thoughts on the series, favorite memories, fan art, fan fiction, blogs, podcasts … you name it!

    Leading up to this event, Friends of the Force will release Resistance-centric content consisting of in-depth discussions and possible interviews with cast & crew. This includes an interview with Christopher Sean, the voice of Kazuda Xiono, on July 27, which will be available on all major podcasting platforms.

    On August 29, Friends of the Force will then publish content headlining the event across our podcast and blog platforms, with contributions from others in the fandom.

    We also want you to share your memories with us! To participate, simply send us an email to

    with an audio message on why you love Star Wars Resistance, how you will remember the show, and what the series means to you. Please include “Remembering Resistance Submission” in the subject line along with your name and/or social media handle. Submissions are limited to 45 seconds in length and are due by Friday, August 14.

    August 29th was selected because it serves as the anniversary of when we were first introduced to Team Fireball through’s “Meet Team Fireball” video.

    Even though we can’t all be together at Star Wars Celebration this August, we hope to keep that energy alive online by remembering a show we miss and cherish deeply. So strap yourselves in, because this Colossus is primed for takeoff.

    I love Star Wars Resistance. I can’t wait to see what everyone creates for August!

    For more updates, follow !

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