HMCWC E8: Irrational Treasure – Geeky Girl Experience

    HMCWC E8: Irrational Treasure

    Hope Makes Chris Watch Cartoons podcast is getting silly this week with episode eight of Gravity Falls, “Irrational Treasure!”

    We finally have the first Mabel episode! Woo! We talk about how this is a part two of last week’s episode with both Mabel and Dipper’s storylines. There’s a lot of great character work for the twins. As for Stan, Chris understands his feelings on Pioneer Day, because Chris HATES Renaissance Fairs.

    We love the government conspiracy, Blubs and Durland are adorable, Quentin Trembley is a fine character in small amounts, and MORE!

    Also, Chris gets stumped for the first time by a cryptogram.

    I have

    with some Gravity Falls items in it!

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