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    Today is a big day for the site.

    It has taken me a bit of time to sort out the technical requirements considering that web programming is new to me, but I’m happy to announce that Geek In The Closet now has a

    as well as a news . The tools are finally in place to start growing a community. If you build it, they shall come, right?

    Starting an online community is hard to do at the best of times. It is even harder when there are so many other active sites that deal with the same subject matter that are already well established.  To get the ball rolling I would be very happy if you would be willing to take a few minutes to say a quick hello on the forums to let me know that you stopped by. This site was designed to serve the Pathfinder community and the more people invest a little bit of time into it, the quicker it will grow into a more useful tool for everyone. Are there any features that your would like to see on this site that maybe the others don’t currently offer? Start a discussion and let me know. Are there any topics your would like to discuss that you might not want to post on the Paizo message boards? That is what this site is for. Maybe you just want to talk about the upcoming RPG Superstar contest. Its all good!

    I will also be posting regularly on a variety of Pathfinder-related topics on the blog. To start with, you can expect mostly site development announcements such as this post, but that will change as the community grows. I will do my best to keep it informative and relevant. If you have any topics that you would like for me to feature, or if you would like to guest-blog on this site, let me know. I would love to feature a guest blogger who is knowledgeable in any area of game design. I’m open to ideas.

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