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    A few years ago when I was first considering starting a Pathfinder fan-page I realized that I should probably have some sort of site mascot to identify with the website brand. Considering that the site is named Geek In The Closet I though it would be witty to choose the meanest, toughest monster and deck him out in geek gear.

    My first attempt was the beholder shown below. To this day, this is still my favorite version of the idea, but I realized shortly after drawing it that Pathfinder doesn’t have the rights to them so I unfortunately had to abandon it. It just didn’t make sense to use a beholder for a mascot when the monster doesn’t even appear in the game.

    I then though about what monster best represents Pathfinder. That, of course, would be the goblin but I thought I might get my hands slapped by using that particular monster so I quickly discarded that idea as well. I did do a funny sketch of a geeky goblin that one day I might post on this blog if anyone is interested in seeing it.

    At about this time, Misfit Monsters Redeemed came out and I thought there had to be some lame monster in there that would be perfect for the site. Sure enough, there it was – the bizarre flumph; an outcast among outcasts. It was perfect. Unfortunately my art skills are not nearly as good as I thought the ideas was and the resulting drawing was more than a little embarrassing.  I still really like the idea though so I might take another stab at it one day. Who knows, maybe somebody with more artistic talent will draw a geeky flumph for me and donate it to the site.

    With the flumph idea not working, I kept finding myself going back to the beholder graphic which I thought would have worked really well if not for that whole intellectual property thing. It then came to me that it wouldn’t take much tweaking to the turn the beholder into a Cyclops. Do cyclops appear in Pathfinder? Check. Are they mean and tough? Check. At last, here was something I could work with.

    Just to get something on the site for launch day, I deleted the eye stalks and did some quick coloring. Unfortunately he still looked a lot like a beholder since he had no ears and still had the leathery skin texture. The version that appears on the menu now is hopefully a little more ‘cyclopsy’. I’m not super satisfied with it yet though and I will undoubtedly tweak it some more and work on the coloring.

    Let me know what you think.

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