Bacon is bad for dogs

    Bacon is the best thing on the planet, but my dog still doesn’t get any


    on October 16, 2012

    Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon. Makes the mouth water of any meat eating human & is an enormous canine temptation. Sequoia is no exception.

    I awoke the other morning to the glorious scent of bacon wafting down the hallway & into the bedroom where myself & the dogs were sleeping. We all gleefully hopped out of bed as if it were Christmas morning. My boyfriend proudly presented me with a plate of still sizzling bacon. I sat down & began to eat this delicacy of the every man. Sequoia planted herself on the ottoman. As if she believed herself invisible, she wormed her way closer & closer to the plate.

    My boyfriend called me mean for not giving her any. He could not understand how her begging eyes had zero affect on me. He even said, albeit with a splash of sarcasm, that I did not love her. “C’mon, one bite isn’t going to kill her”. I informed him that I avoid starting down slippery slopes, as I typically end up unwittingly at the bottom of said slope.

    Would one bite kill her? Nope. So why no bacon for Sequoia? How was I able to resist this face?

    Simply put, because the benefit doesn’t outweigh the risk. Bacon is not only full of fat, but salt. Plus, I don’t want her to learn that cute look = getting whatever you want. Still, she was so focused & motivated I couldn’t resist taking advantage of it. I went & grabbed my bait bag & loaded it with her breakfast. In a room smelling of bacon, she happily worked for her kibble. In this case, I think I was redirecting my own behavior as I was still able to give her something & I didn’t have to feel an ounce of guilt.  So next time you’re tempted to give your dog table scraps try redirecting your own behavior to giving them something that’s actually good for them. That way you don’t feel guilty & you don’t risk a dog with pancreatitis or one with an growing waistline.

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