What’s New? 2003-10

    What’s New? 2003-10

    What’s New? 2003-10

    Thursday 24 October 2003


    has been struck by the dreaded Dead Speaker Syndrome! Suddenly I hear nothing from the speaker, making the phone somewhat less useful 😉 Sadly, the problem is yet another poor execution on engineering: the wires which connect the speaker to the logic board, wires which go through the hinge, aren’t designed to withstand the stress of the phone opening and closing. Detailed

    document the steps to replacing the wires.

    Thursday 16 October 2003

    For the first time since we brought

    home from the hospital (3 days old, 1759 days ago) he’s not sleeping next to me in the family bed. He’s sleeping in the living room, on his mattress. I’m a bit sad, having my little guy fly the coop. I like cuddling him on and off through the night. My first dose of “empty nest” syndrome.

    Today has been a day of growth. Since he started pre-school four weeks ago he’s wanted me to be very close by. Today, while I was working at the snack-making role, he went off to play in the sandbox area, in the swing room, and the art room. That was weird too.

    Ended up the day by heading over to Alameda, to , to help him pack for the upcoming move to Twin Peaks. Pictures to follow.

    Wednesday 15 October 2003

    was very, very cuddly this evening. Kept repeating “I like you, Papa”. I’m not sure what brought that on. It’s nice to hear. Lately when I discipline him he tells me I’m a “bad guy”.

    We spent the day celebrating the Halloween season (with the kids and staff of Isaac’s pre-school) at one of the pumpkin farms near Half Moon Bay.


    had a great time. You won’t see any pictures of it (at least none taken by me) since I took the

    but forgot the PCMCIA card at home, in the . Doh!

    Thursday 9 October 2003

    “For the first time in modern history, US currency features background colors other than black and green…”, said Tom Ferguson, director of the Treasury’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing, told reporters in front of an enormous billboard in New York’s Times Square showing a blown-up image of the new note, released to the public today.

    Most notable are the subtle peach, green, and blue hues on the front of the bill, along with color-shifting ink in which the numeral 20 changes from copper to green when the note is tilted.

    But what did Mr. Furguson mean by “in modern history”? Haven’t all our paper notes been greenbacks? I was intrigued, so I did a bit of searching on the ‘net.

    The answer is the Series 1905 $20 Gold Certificate, which has the center of the face gold tinted and the Seals and serial numbers printed in red – resulting in a spectacular color combination of gold, red, black, and white – known as the Technicolor Note.

    Tuesday 7 October 2003

    Oh my goodness. First we elect Governor Ronald Reagan and now Arnold Schwarznegger. Be afraid; be very afraid.

    Monday 6 October 2003

    Just wanted to look back at my time with . No big whup.

    Friday 3 October 2003

    Well! At long last I’ve started back-filling our

    trip with pages describing

    and our arrival at , in .

    Have you found errors nontrivial or marginal, factual, analytical and illogical, arithmetical, temporal, or even typographical? Please let me know; drop me . Thanks!









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