What’s New? 2004-07

    What’s New? 2004-07

    What’s New? 2004-07

    Saturday 31 July 2004

    A virtual time capsule,

    show a whole environment frozen in the moment. I don’t deliberately take archival , but I have a few taken for other reasons (mostly debugging of others software).

    Friday 30 July 2004

    Digging through some old documents whilst sitting at a café. I hope you enjoy two pages about

    which came into being from some documents I found:

    and .

    Tuesday 30 July 2004

    Today an unexpected and interesting email arrived.

    Subject: bye bye blog?

    Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 11:27:08 -0400

    Long time reader, mystified by the abrupt stop of your site.

    Is everything all right there?


    Wow, I have long-time readers who are not friends or relations? Cool.

    Well, Ross, thank you for giving me a much-needed kick in the website. Things are fine here, but I did have an ugly information technology moment and parts of the website went bad.

    I’ve been reconstructing the site, adding pictures and text to some recent trips, job-hunting and starting a work-at-home project, being a family (, , and ) man, and doing a complete system maintenance and wireless network installation for

    and his roomate.

    So the frequent updates to the site have gotten short shrift. I’ll get back on it. Thanks for keeping me honest; I really want to keep this site current (and it’s my long and unstructured letter-in-a-bottle to my kids (and their kids?)).

    Tuesday 20 July 2004

    Isaac: Papa, who took care of the very first baby ever born?

    Monday 19 July 2004

    I’ve spent much of the last two weeks back in the land of the dial-up users. I’d forgotten how ugly it is. Broadband is as essential to my information consumpution as oxygen is for my body. Driving along at 45333 bps is frustrating, disorienting, and frankly, depressing.

    Friday 16 July 2004

    Today we’ll be talking about alcoholic beverages. I’ve encountered two brews of note which I’d like to share.

    The first is Smoking Loon cabernet. Perhaps the most drinkable red wine I’ve had the pleasure to imbibe. My usual likes are cabernet or merlot, the heartier red wines.

    Without going into any of the onophile verbiage (as I can’t tell whether there are notes of chocolate and deep whatever) I want to say that the Smoking Loon was pleasant for a whole evening of sipping, without any distracting tannin puckeritude to distract. Mmmmm.

    I’m writing this at The Drafting Room, Exton PA. It’s very late at night. The family is asleep at the hotel down the road, and since I missed dinner I’m enjoying some great red meat and absolutely amazing beer, the Weyerbacher Heresy imperial stout.

    The website says “this incredibly intriguing Stout is made by aging our Old Heathen to perfection in Oak barrels that were used to age bourbon. Notes of Oak, whiskey, and vanilla meld beautifully with the roastiness of our Imperial Stout. Supplies are limited, so be sure your store puts some aside for you.”

    I say this is the best dark fermented beverage ever (IMHO).

    Monday 12 July 2004

    I’m an idiot. Sigh. I go through all the trouble of fixing up my ailing mail server’s hard disk, re-installing Mac OS X, , and . Then I turned on my firewall without making a hole for sendmail, choking off my email access; luckily I can administer these machines remotely. Grrr.

    Sunday 11 July 2004

    Today we return to

    at the World Trade Center.

    We also visit a

    after a stroll along the Battery Park promenade,

    and then we take the subway up to ,

    We finish up a late day with a visit to a

    across the street from the playground.

    Thursday 8 July 2004

    Today we’re .

    Thursday 8 July 2004

    We’re back at San Francisco International Airport (SFO), this time for a trip to .

    Sunday 4 July 2004 – Independence Day

    Today, for the first time since she was born (1056 days),

    is not sleeping with us in our family bed. She’s joined

    in the new . Of course, we’re not exactly celebrating: I’m recovering from an annoying flu and

    is in deep sleep, exhausted by our day’s partying in Union City with a sister.

    We’ve been telling Lila that she may have “Mama’s meek (milk) before sleeping, then bunk bed, then more Mama’s meek in the morning”. I wonder when Rose will realize that the little one isn’t waking her every two hours.

    Saturday 3 July 2004

    Turning to Williams, Sharapova said, “I have to take this trophy from you for one year. I’m sorry. … I’m sure we’re going to be here one more time and hopefully many more times in other Grand Slams and fight for the trophy. Thank you for giving me a tough match but I’m sorry I had to win today.”

    Friday 2 July 2004

    One of a thousand losses of parenthood, a mirror of one of the gains of childhood.

    My boy isn’t sleeping next to his Papa this evening. He’s a big kid sleeping on top of his new

    in his own room. Here I am, delivering the mattresses. It’s a .

    Thursday 1 July 2004

    We return from our trip to the

    area near Lake Tahoe. I have a stuffed head and a runny nose. My mother-in-law is worse off. I need to sleep this off :-/

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