Dziadziu renting in Alameda

    Dziadziu renting in Alameda

    …to Alameda…


    Dziadziu renting in Alameda

    You may already have seen

    in Alameda; she and Adam bought it this year (2002).

    just sold his house in

    and is coming out west. Dad spent last week here, looking for a place to rent; to see how the left coast is as a place to live.

    and I found four apartments near ; Dad visited one only a few dozen feet from our place – but he loved Alameda.

    showed him the beach 🙂 In a week of looking we found a good first choice and an adequate back-up. We faxed, they faxed, and

    got his first choice.

    Here’s the first look at Dad’s rental property; we call it The Mansion.

    That’s the house, in the center of the picture, hidden by the blue-green tree. The house is divided along the long axis; you’re actually looking at the owners’ entrance. I think the patio on the second floor is Dad’s, but I can’t be sure.

    This is the garden as seen from the sidewalk. It’s pretty delightful. From this vantage point one can’t see the koi ponds, but

    sure found them (and liked them).


    were in the

    for this photo shoot.

    I back away from the garden, stepping off the sidewalk, to get a view of the other side of the house. This’ll be Dad’s entrance. Can’t see it well enough? Read on.

    Here’s a close-up of the entrance. From here one enters a huge bottom floor; a half-pipe staircase brings one to the huge upper floor. (No pictures from inside; I didn’t take the

    on the first day we visited.) The place is a staggering 2200 square feet, the biggest rental I ever stepped foot in.

    The following two panoramas may be hard to see at their small size; they’re thumbnails, so click on them to see a bigger version.

    Here’s what things look like when crouching in the garden. This is the place to drop a chaise lounge or two; a book and a pitcher of sangria would complete the picture.

    Lastly, here’s the view of the house from across the street, from the neighbor’s rose garden. I’ve read about several companies working on making a plug-in computer add on that’ll add scents to the web-browsing experience. (Really.) It would have been worthwhile here; the roses were almost overwhelming in their sweet siren song. Sniff, sniff. Ahhh.

    Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick tour around Dad’s new digs in Alameda. I guess the next things on the list are

    to help Dad pack, and then of us unpacking everything in early December 2002. See you then!

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