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    Curt Karnow


    Curt Karnow


    Landels, Ripley & Diamond

    Hills Plaza

    350 Steuart Street

    San Francisco, California






    Law Degree:

    Juris Doctor, University of Pennsylvania Law School, 1977

    Honors: Editor, University of Pennsylvania Law Review

    Instructor, American Constitutional History



    A.B., Philosophy, cum laude, Harvard University, 1974

    Honors: Harvard College Scholarship (honorary), 1972, 1973

    Managing Editor, The Harvard Advocate

    Professional Experience

    January 1986 – present:

    Partner, Landels, Ripley & Diamond, San Francisco, California


    Complex commercial and class action litigation in state and federal courts.

    Coordinator, Communications & Technology Group, intellectual property litigation and technology


    March 1983 – December 1985:

    Associate, Landels, Ripley & Diamond, San Francisco, California


    Environmental tort and products liability actions, securities class actions, antitrust

    class actions and general commercial litigation in state and federal courts.

    1981 – 1982:

    Associate, Fine, Kaplan & Black, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


    Complex (federal) litigation, antitrust and securities class actions.

    1980 – 1981:

    Law Clerk to the Honorable Louis H. Pollak (Eastern District, Pennsylvania)

    1978 – 1980:

    Assistant United States Attorney, Eastern District, Pennsylvania


    Criminal Division, prosecution of all federal crimes, including complex white collar

    fraud, from investigation and indictment through jury verdict and appeal.

    Recent Representative Litigation

    Garabedian v. Los Angeles SMSA Limited Partnership et al.

    (Orange County Superior Court).

    Class action antitrust

    suit filed on behalf of one million cellular telephone service consumers brought against providers of the services in

    the Los Angeles area and their corporate relatives.

    Client: defendant Pacific Telesis Group.

    Wyatt Technology Corporation v. Precision Detectors, Inc.

    United States District Court for the Central District of


    Representation of defendant in patent infringement suit (scientific molecular detection and analysis


    ASCII v. STD.

    United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

    Patent suit, representation of

    plaintiff alleging infringement of mechanism by which data is processed by a computer input device.

    H.D. Lee v. Intercommerce.

    United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

    Defense of

    companies accused of violating the federal trademark rights, and related rights under state law, of the owners of the

    “LEE” brand used on jeans and other clothing.

    Nintendo v. Atari.

    United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

    Represented Sega of

    America, a third party to this litigation involving patent claims and antitrust counterclaims (home video game


    Shabbas v. Anti-Defamation League.

    (S.F. Superior Court).

    Representation of Roy Bullock, a defendant in a class

    action accused of illegally gathering and using information derived from confidential state sources.

    Chiron v. Abbott laboratories.

    United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

    Defense of

    biotech patent suit (local counsel).

    Lectures and Selected Publications

    Intellectual Property and Developing Technology:

    Encryption and Export Laws:

    The Algorithm as Nuclear Weapon, Software Publisher (November/

    December 1994)

    The Electronic Word:

    Democracy, Technology, and the Arts (review), 16 Hastings Comm/Ent Law Journal 501

    (Spring 1994)

    Recombinant Culture:

    Crime in the Digital Network, DefCon II (Las Vegas, July 1994)

    The Encrypted Self:

    Fleshing Out the Rights of Electronic Personalities, 13 Journal of Computer & Information Law

    1 (October 1994)

    Information Loss & Implicit Error in Complex Modeling Machines, Networked Reality In Telecommunication (NTT

    Media Lab, Tokyo, Japan, May 1994)

    Data Morphing:

    Ownership, Copyright & Creation, 27 Leonardo 117 (No. 2, 1994)

    The Uneasy Treaty of Technology and Law, AI Expert, Virtual Reality Special Report 33 (1994)

    Protecting Technology Rights in the International Arena, Virtual Reality Expo (London, England, February 1994)

    The Electronic Persona:

    A New Legal Entity, Virtual Reality World 37 (January/February 1994)

    Alters, Wired 114 (November 1993)

    Implementing the First Amendment in Cyberspace, MultiMedia Review (Summer 1993)

    What’s a Bug?, 26 Computerworld 33 (September 1992)

    Everyone Copies Software, 25 Computerworld 19 (August 1991)

    Faculty, International Computer Law Association Conference (Monterey, October 1993)

    Faculty & Panelist, Fourth Conference on Computers, Freedom and Privacy (John Marshall Law School, March


    Panelist, Virtual Reality World Futures Forum (San Jose, May 1995)

    Speaker and Session Chair

    Reality & Fabrication:

    The Role of Copyrights, Patents & Trademarks, Virtual Reality Expo ’94

    (New York, November 1994)

    Privacy, E-mail and the Internet, Silicon Valley Chapter ARMA (November 1994)

    Intellectual Property:

    Images and Marks on the Electronic Frontier, Visual Communications Expo

    (New York, October 1994)

    Computer Crime:

    Networks and Security Issues, Wescon/94 (Los Angeles, September 1994)

    Virtual Reality and the Law, San Jose Virtual Reality [ogonek]93 Conference (May 1993)

    Liability and Emergent Virtual Reality Systems, New York Virtual Reality Expo (December 1993)

    Electro-Magnetic Fields:

    A Case Study in High Technology and the Law, Bay Area Real Estate Financial

    Forum (June 1993)

    Legal Implications of Complex Virtual Reality Systems, DefCon I (Las Vegas, July 1993)

    Ethical Hazards in Today’s Technology (Bar Association of San Francisco, Panel Member)

    Public Interviews

    Internet and Intellectual Property, World Radio Network (May 1995)

    Evidence and Computer Media, Daily Journal (May 1995)

    World Trade and Intellectual Property, KQED Forum with Commissioner Lechman (March 1995)

    Copyright and the Internet, KQED News Radio (March 1995)

    Copyright and Other Legal Issues, Virtual Reality Newsletter (March 1993)

    Litigation and Dispute Resolution

    Who Needs the ‘English Rule’:

    Advantages of Fee Shifting Can be Achieved by Other Means, Daily Journal (July

    27, 1994)

    Resolving Discovery Battles Doesn’t Have to be Expensive, The Daily Journal (June 2, 1993)

    Co-author, Demystifying the Arbitration Process (American Arbitration Association 1993)

    Archeology of Error:

    Tracing California’s Summary Judgment Rule, 24 Pacific Law Journal 1845 (July 1993)

    Paying the Price of the Burden of Proof, The Recorder (October 1991)

    Follow the Federal Lead on Summary Judgments, 9 California Lawyer 67 (December 1989), reprinted, Levine, et

    al., California Civil Procedure (West 1991)

    Seven Strictures on Summary Judgment, San Francisco Barrister 3 (August 1990)

    Lecturer, Legal Terms for Industry Arbitrators (American Arbitration Association, 1993)

    Lecturer, Depositions and Discovery (Golden Gate University Law School, October 1994)

    Issues of International Arbitration, speech to International Trade Council (Spring 1991)

    Bar and Professional Affiliations

    United States Supreme Court

    State of California

    United States Court of Appeals for the Third, Sixth, and Ninth Circuits

    United States District Courts for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

    United States District Courts for the Northern, Eastern, and Central Districts of California

    District of Columbia Court of Appeals

    Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

    Vice-Chair, California State Bar Standing Committee on Administration of Justice

    Arbitrator and Faculty Member, American Arbitration Association

    Judge Pro Tempore, Marin County Superior Court and San Francisco Municipal and Superior Courts

    Arbitrator and Mediator, World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva, Switzerland

    Court-appointed Referee, Marin Superior Court

    Member, San Francisco Intellectual Property Association

    Member, Association for Computing Machinery

    Member, Computer Law Association

    Member, Computer Law Section, San Francisco Bar Association

    Member, Advisory Committee, Comm/Ent:

    Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Journal

    Editorial Board, Leonardo (MIT:

    Journal of Arts, Sciences & Technology)

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