2003 Scotland: Our Restaurant Recommendations

    2003 Scotland: Our Restaurant Recommendations

    2003 Scotland: Our Restaurant Recommendations


    July 2003

    My mother said she didn’t want to go to Scotland because “the food is terrible”. Perhaps if one persists in eating fish & chips from the most disgusting of eateries. We’ve been impressed with the offerings. Here’s where we’ve eaten, and what we recommend, on this trip:


    has two restaurants: a pub restaurant on the ground floor and a dinner restaurant, Schottishe (“Scottish” in Scottish), above.

    The pub restaurant serves a very hearty Scottish breakfast, on which we’ve been grooving since arriving in Glasgow. I have to remember ask for the eggs to be well done, but the bacon and pork sausage, the coffee, and the rest are a great way to greet the day. Please call ahead to verify hours, as some time is reserved for residents. Beg to be allowed to sample the fare if you’ve chosen to stay elsewhere 🙂

    Schottishe is the fancier of the two eating choices. Here we had cream of spinach soup, rack of lamb, filet of ostrich, and on a platter for the table, green beans, carrots, and potatoes au gratin. A dessert of cappucino and dark chocolate mousse with a blackberry coulis followed. The worst that can be said for Schottishe is that it’s merely very good. It’s just that places like Two Fat Ladies (see below) were better. Still recommended.

    Two Fat Ladies, which you might have seen reviewed in your guidebooks, is under new management. It’s even better than we were led to believe. Each item we tried was somewhere between excellent and


    The Grain Store, Victoria Street

    The Filling Station, The Royal Mile

    Wee Windaes, The Royal Mile

    Rocksalt, at Hunter Square on the Royal Mile

    The Witchery by the Castle, The Royal Mile, Castlehill, next to the Edinburgh Castle

    We ate in the gothic dining room, a subterranean chamber with windows which peer out at the street level of the cobble-stones. The ambiance was superb, but sadly more impressive than the meal. The Scottish oysters were amazing, perhaps the best I’ve ever had, but the salmon cooked in goose fat was underwhelming, the colcannon unimpressive in any way, Rose’s choice of lamb was merely pretty good, the assortment of creme brulee was delightful (especially the toffee), the cappuccino good.

    While I had a local dark beer with the meal, I did notice the rather voluminous wine book.

    This was during the first seating, at 1730. The funny thing is that we’d tried to get in a few days earlier, a Saturday, and were told that the first available table was at 2330, a time I didn’t think anything was open in Edinburgh. Someone must really want to eat there.

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