Eben Moglen

    Eben Moglen


    Eben Moglen

    Professor of Law and Legal History

    Columbia Law School

    New York, NY 10027

    (212) 854-8382

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    1994-95, Visiting Professor of Law, Harvard Law School


    Professor of Law & Legal History, Columbia


    Visiting Professor of Law, University of Virginia

    1987-93, Associate Professor of Law, Columbia Law School

    1986-87, Justice Thurgood Marshall, United States

    Supreme Court.

    1985-86, Judge Edward Weinfeld, United States District

    Court, Southern District of New York.

    1993, Yale University, Ph.D. with Distinction in History

    1985, Yale University, J.D.; M.Phil. in History (with

    honors) Articles Editor, Yale Law Journal, Vol. 93.

    1976-80, Swarthmore College.

    A.B. (High Honors), 1980.

    Phi Beta Kappa.

    Considering Zenger: Partisan Politics and the Legal

    Profession in Colonial New York, 94 Colum. L. Rev. 1495


    Taking the Fifth: Reconsidering the History of the

    Privilege Against Self-Incrimination, 92 Mich. L. Rev.

    1086 (1994).

    Towards a New Deal Legal History, — Va. L. Rev. —


    Settling the Law: Legal Development in New York,

    1664-1776 (Ph.D. diss., Yale University, 1993).

    A Vigil For Thurgood Marshall, 93 Colum. L. Rev. 1061


    The Incompleat Burkean: Bruce Ackerman’s New

    Constitutional Histoy, 5 Yale J. Law & Humanities 532


    The Transformation of Morton Horwitz (Book Review), 93

    Colum. L. Rev. 1042 (1993).

    Legal Fictions and Common Law Legal Theory: Some

    Historical Reflections, 10 Tel-Aviv Univ. Stud. in L.

    35 (1991).

    The New Historiography of Colonial Criminal Law (Review

    Essay), 1 Georgia J. Southern Leg. Hist. 175 (1991).

    John Reid’s American Revolution (Book Review), 9 Law &

    Hist. Rev. 389 (1991).

    Moglen & Pierce, Sunstein’s New Canons: Choosing the

    Fictions of Statutory Construction, 90 U. Chi. L. Rev.

    1203 (1990).

    Jewishness and the American Constitutional Tradition:

    The Cases of Brandeis and Frankfurter (Book Review), 89

    Colum. L. Rev. 959 (1989).

    Note, Commercial Arbitration in the Eighteenth Century:

    Looking for the Transformation of American Law, 93 Yale

    L.J. 135 (1983).

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