1996 New Jersey: Pesach

    1996 New Jersey: Pesach

    1996 New Jersey: Pesach

    In April of 1996 I went back to my childhood home in Bridgewater, New Jersey, to spend Pesach (Passover) with my Mom’s side of the family. (I have many good memories of Bridgewater; it’s a mix, on the edge of civilization and forest, a perfect place for a young boy to go exploring in the woods. Animals to see, paths to take, and above all, a lot of quiet.)

    From San Francisco (SFO) to Newark (EWR):

    My sister

    and I are on our way to a week-long family get-together at my Mom’s house in New Jersey. We’re only twenty minutes late in taking off, and I think it’s safe to say that neither of us mind, as we’re enjoying the novelty of being together on an airplane. (Even though Fel and I live , we see more of each other while we’re on the East Coast than at any other time.)

    The passengers have settled down, it’s a crowded plane, and we’re digging through a paper bag that Fel’s live-in boyfriend Adam put into her bag. First is a color photo of Adam – so Fel doesn’t forget what he looks like, second is a brand new number two pencil – so Fel can write to tell him how much she misses him, and last is a chocolate Easter bunny – for Fel to enjoy while airborne. I like Adam; he’s a great boyfriend-in-law (or whatever).

    (my grandmother Marga), , and Emil are at the airport. The trip home is swift, and before I know it we’re at home. My uncle , his wife Shrada, and their children – my cousins – Mayra and Djamal are waiting for us.

    Lunch is great, and as I nap in the afternoon a wonderful seder is being prepared. (A seder is the Passover celebratory meal; Leonardo┬áda┬áVinci’s L’Ultima Cena (The Last Supper) depicts Jesus and the Apostles celebrating the Pesach seder.)

    In the panorama below – which reminds be of L’Ultima Cena – you see (from left to right) my uncle , Oma, my niece Myra, my sister , Emil – Mom’s second husband, Mom, Shradda – Daniel’s wife, and Steve – Emil’s son. ( family was featured prominently in my


    The next day, Friday 5 April 1996, on the way up to the town of Fleishmann’s (New York) for a bit of

    we stop off at the home of Bob and Carol.

    Who, you may be asking, are these sepia-tone lasses gazing at us? Well, during the late seventies and all through the eighties we celebrated many a Pesach at the home of Bob and Carol, who were (between the husband and wife) a medical doctor, an artist, and both were amateur archeologists. The wife was also an incredible cook. Her Pesach feast was traditional and delicious, a meal that spanned hours, the most elaborate seders; long, intricate, entertaining days, complete with story, song, and magnificent food. The photos are photos of their daughters: at left is Jamie, at right, Peggy. These were the only part of a panorama of their living room that came out – evidently the flashbulb’s batteries weren’t up to snuff.

    Here, in their living room, are Carol, , Oma, Peggy, , Ben, and Jamie’s beautiful baby boy, Ben.

    And here are the ladies in 1996.

    And lastly, Bob and Carol, entertaining. A big hug to you both.

    Have you found errors nontrivial or marginal, factual, analytical and illogical, arithmetical, temporal, or even typographical? Please let me know; drop me . Thanks!

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