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    ZLFD Pro Bono


    ZLFD Pro Bono

    From: “Philip L. Dubois”

    Subject: ZLDF

    Date: Tue, 06 Feb 1996 19:43:56 -0700

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    Here’s the message I just posted to Cypherpunks:

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    I write on behalf of Philip Zimmermann and his legal defense team for two reasons:

    to offer thanks and to make an announcement.

    First, we offer our thanks to all the generous souls who donated money and services to the Zimmermann Legal Defense Fund.

    Without you, we could not have mounted the defense that we did, and we would not have achieved the result that we did.

    Your contributions were made from a commitment to the causes of privacy and justice, and we are grateful.

    The announcement:

    as you may know, I am the only lawyer who was not working pro bono, i.e., without expectation of being paid.

    Three of our lawyers — Ken Bass in D.C., Eben Moglen in New York, and Curt Karnow in San Francisco — devoted hundreds of hours of time and substantial expenses for which they’ve not been paid.

    Tom Nolan in Palo Alto and Bob Corn-Revere in D.C. also spent a great deal of time on this case for which they were not paid.

    And, of course, Joe Burton in San Francisco toiled in obscurity on behalf of the other person who was also targeted by the federal investigation.

    I agreed up front not to bill for all my time, and judging from the rate of current contributions, it now appears that the Defense Fund will cover the fees and costs that I billed.

    I would like to see these other lawyers receive some compensation for their efforts. Accordingly, all donations to the Zimmermann Legal Defense Fund mailed, authorized, or generally “made” (as opposed to “received”) after midnight local time on 14 February 1996 will be distributed among these other lawyers to defray their costs and, if possible, to compensate them for a little of their time.

    I make this announcement because people contributing to the Fund have a right to know that Mr. Zimmermann’s actual defense costs are now covered and that additional donations will go to lawyers who agreed to work for free and who were absolutely essential to the defense.

    Again, my thanks.

    Philip L. Dubois

    Counsel for Philip Zimmermann

    Philip L. Dubois, P.C.

    2305 Broadway

    Boulder, CO







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