Mac OS X: Public Beta

    Mac OS X: Public Beta


    Linux wiped from hard disk in favor of Mac OS X Public Beta!September 2000

    When it became possible to run Mac OS 9 simultaneously with

    PPC I was excited, but it’s nothing in comparison with how I feel running a true UNIX with a

    user interface.

    The Mac OS X (pronounced “ten”) Public Beta has just been released, and it’s a beauty! Sure, it’s slower than the final needs to be, and some basic capabilities (like drag-and-drop) don’t really work, but it’s pretty crash-proof (what with true multi-tasking and memory protection). (It really drives home to me how fragile Mac OS 9 really was. Even with a tweaked system I was pushing it hard enough to crash or lock it up at least twice daily.)

    What’s really amazing is that under the new Aqua user interface (to which I’m almost used) is a UNIX, complete with Apache web server, , and tcsh, all accessible via the Terminal application. After many years of developing on two machines, moving my files from my Mac to my SPARCstation (at ) or other UNIX box (at ), having everything at my fingertips is a blast. My

    never had it so good.

    What’s most stunning to me is the ability to resurrect old code from the dead: bits and pieces of software I’ve written to support my development efforts for my clients – software which had lain abandoned on my hard disk for ages – are now running again. Currently it’s only my CGI toolbox, but more will have life breathed back into it, and I promise to place it into


    Speaking of my (16.8 GB internal) hard disk, I must confess to have completely wiped Linux PPC from mine in order to make room for a “proper” single-partition install of Mac OS X. I saved the config files I’d modified, and my .cshrc and .login files, but unless something amazing happens Linux PPC is history around here.

    It’s been a very busy time. I’ve pulled the developer tools from the public release of Darwin so I have a C compiler until Apple releases the official versions. (I’m befuddled by their decision to omit them. As befuddled as I am by what seem to be some gratuitious changes to the canonical UNX file system structure – /Library ?!? – by the creative folks at Apple. Sigh.) I’ve tweaked my Mac OS 9.0.4 installation so that the older “Classic” applications can run until they’re replaced by OS X-saavy versions.

    Update: Two days before we expected to do so, we may now send you along to a first look at the just-released


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