ECO: Long-term financial investment on Eivissa

    ECO: Long-term financial investment on Eivissa

    Investing Here

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    ECO does much more than

    of and vehicles. We facilitate many different types of long-term investments, including many facets of real-estate acquisition and management, commercial business properties, insurance matters, and general business consultation.

    A decade-long partnership with Inmobiliaria Metro of Eivissa City has allowed ECO to become a specialist in all sorts of real-estate transactions in the northern part of the island.

    Real estate prices on Eivissa are amongst the highest in Europe, with a yearly increase unseen elsewhere. Since Spain has become a full member of the European Common Market almost no restrictions on foreigners buying property here have survived the Franco regime. Banks favor property development by granting to foreigners very enticing conditions on loans; the international bank rates for loans apply

    depending on the currency in which they will be repaid. As ECO is cooperating with several national banks we’re sure to be able to negotiate for you an interesting offer.

    Fincas, the historically typical old farm houses of the island, are very highly desired objects in our real estate market. Some are up to 1000 years old, sometimes available in their original condition, other times in a renovated state. Their walls consist of natural, hand-cut stones. Their architecture is that of a small fortress with very small windows and low doors. Some have just one floor, others have an upper floor as well; many have arches and terraces. Their range from 100 to 250 square meters. Prices – depending upon the condition of the finca, the land, and the views – range from 15.000.000 to more than 80.000.000 pesetas. We have photographs and descriptions of available properties. (We plan on putting some of these on-line as well.)

    Villas, usually with swimming pools and a luxury touch, have been built over the last twenty years or so. You find them in the neighborhood of the cities, on the waterfront, or in the countryside. They usually they stand on smaller parcels of land and are connected to the main electrical and water lines. Their prices vary with their size, location, and individual standard of interior design.

    Chalets are smaller than villas and have a correspondingly lower price range. Usually sought only as a holiday home, chalets often lack winter heating systems. Often they are located in a holiday resort area.

    Apartments, penthouses, condominiums, and flats can be divided into residential and holiday-related properties. Most residential ones are located within city limits while the holiday-related ones are to be found in the for-tourist developed areas all across the island.

    Whenever a client doesn’t find his or her dream-house or wants to build according to specific needs, we can offer land in almost every size and location on the island. Building permits depend upon the size of the land, in some areas a piece of land 1.000 meters square is enough to obtain a licence; in the rural areas and in the mountains larger parcels are required. Prices start at 100 pesetas per square meter for bigger portions and reach 10.000 pesetas per square meter and more for sites at the waterfront or in the cities. Often a lower price range land needs investment to better the infrastructure, like power and water supply, road work, etc.

    With our decades of experience on the island ECO and Inmobiliaria Metro will try to fulfill your property purchase desires.

    We’ve found out that newcomers buying property on Eivissa often wind up looking for assistance in regard to the maintenance of their new property. Because ECO specializes in quality rather than quantity, we enjoy much repeat business and long-term relationships with our clients and friends.

    Once you’ve purchased land you’ll need fully-licensed architects and engineers to turn your visions of a dream-house into architectural plans that comply with local regulations and will result in your obtaining a construction license. Señor Oliva-Prim and his brother, architects and engineers both, will use the latest CAD software and their extensive expertise to cut down the time this step takes. (They’ll also recommend the a construction company that will build your new house to your specification, on time and on budget. ECO will assist you in securing the permits and paperwork required.)

    The climate in Eivissa is conducive to many species of flowers, trees, vegetables, and fruit. Many houses are festooned with bright flowers climbing up a trellis, others boast of beautiful cactus gardens. ECO works with many skilled gardeners and horticulturists – something you’ll notice when you see the ECO garden. These folk, most of them foreigners who speak your language, are able to design, plant, and maintain the garden of your dreams.

    For our clients who want to renovate, repair, or enlarge existing buildings and gardens ECO can supply specialists in masonry, carpentry, indoor and outdoor painting and decoration, gardening, and the installation of water, gas, and electricity as both main and alternate power sources. Whenever the local laws require the involvement of a registered architect, Señ Oliva-Prim will work with you and the specialists you’ve chosen.

    Eivissa homeowners are typically frequent travellers. For them ECO operates a caretaking service. Whenever you’re not at home you may have ECO provide some level of maintenance: our agents can provide periodic security checks, airing, flower and garden work, room cleaning, house repainting, etc. The frequency of visits is of your choosing.

    Fees are negotiated per assignment, and depend upon the frequency of visits, the length of the contract, and the skills required of the caretakers. Let us know your needs and we’ll propose a solution.

    We can also .

    Perhaps it’s a business you wish to open on Eivissa. You have a wide variety of available commercial properties, including retail shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, discotheques and industrial buildings. They range in size from tiny (25 square meter) sites in the old part of Sa Penya to huge (up to 500 square meter) ground floor units in the newer parts of the cities. Banks view commercial ventures kindly, and are favorable to granting credit. Let us know your requirements and we will try to meet them.

    Many of our commercial clients first experienced ECO as a

    agency. Well, we can rent the property you own when you’re not on the island. The peak season brings extremely high revenues from renting your property out; the less frequented seasons can bring in a more moderate income. In either case, this is another way to ensure the safety and condition of your property. Whenever you feel it is time to offer your house on the rental market we will be pleased to give you our estimate designed to the specific situation of your property. ECO can also combine renting your property with

    and oversight of the rental property.

    ECO engages the services of Señor Claudio Torres, an insurance broker in Eivissa City. He represents several national and international insurance agencies and can find the policy appropriate to your needs and budget.

    By law only cars (and boats) registered in Spain may be insured year-round on Eivissa. Your own car (or boat), registered in another counry, may be insured in Eivissa if it’s used on a short-term basis. (There are

    between Eivissa and Europe.)

    Your house and garden may be fully insured, whether you are a Spanish national or not. Furniture, kitchenware, pool equipment, art, jewelery, computers, and home theatre equipment such as television, video, and stereo may all be insured. As insurance fees are relatively modest on Eivissa we recommend the full-value replacement insurance for every existing property immediately after its purchase.

    To import and register any vehicle brought from outside Spanish territory you’ll require a valid Spanish homologation and the payment of a registration tax that reflects the vehicle’s value. Obtaining the necessary documents and scheduling a technical inspection are ECO specialties, for which we charge a flat fee of 20.000 pesetas. The entire cost of registration starts at 60.000 pesetas for older, smaller vehicles.

    ECO has the capacity to function as your business consultant whenever needed. We’ve engaged the services of Gestoria Cardona of Eivissa City: their tax advisers, lawyers, bookkeepers, and contract specialists have proven invaluable during our decade of cooperative business consulting.

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