2002 Colorado: Seven Falls

    2002 Colorado: Seven Falls

    Seven Falls


    Monday 8 July 2002

    Today’s the day we plan on visiting the

    area of Colorado Springs. (Actually we plan on visiting it twice: once in the daytime and again at night to see the multi-colored illumination.) We wake up early in the morning, 0830, so we can pack the car and head over for breakfast.

    A hearty breakfast it is. I’ve cooked up some Masala Tea (something akin to chai) and we’ve got eggs, salmon a la Adam, bread, cheeses, jams, juices, and more. Oh, and bagels, cream cheese, coffee, cereals. I’m stuffed.

    We head out to Seven Falls. This is the view from the bottom of the falls. Omi is in the center, the visitor’s center is to the right, and the trout area is to the right of that.

    dropped a few quarters into the fishfood dispenser, but the trout were so stuffed they ignored the offerings.

    Here we are at the top of the falls. Mom, Emil, and Adam wanted to walk up, but the stairway was closed (halfway up, so they had to turn around and re-join us at the bottom). There’s a very cold tunnel leading to the elevator. On a hot day like today the tunnel alone is worth the cost of admission. It’s a moist cold, from the rocks, and it’s very soothing.

    After the falls it’s lunchtime, and we’re all hungry. We drive around and around, eventually leading to the Broadmoor Hotel. Here we are in their English-style tavern. The food is okay, but only okay. They could do so much better.

    This is the grounds of the Broadmoor. In the distance is the

    North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) facility.

    Here’s another view of the Broadmoor, this time from the second-story balcony overlooking the entry. Isaac and Lila loved running around here, and playing in the oversized stuffed chairs inside.

    After the Broadmoor we headed back to the , where we split up. The rest of the family made a bar-b-que near the pool, but we had plans to visit Phil Dubois at his nearby home. How nearby, though, we didn’t realize. It was right next to Seven Falls!

    I met Dubois at a Cypherpunks meeting, where he and Phil Zimmermann spoke about a case being threatened against PRZ. (Having two Phils in the same sentence, repeatedly, is why Dubois is called Dubois 🙂 And so I joined the . Dubois and I have kept in touch via email since.

    And now I was going to visit his home. It turns out to be a beautiful home, and he a gracious host. His family was pretty amazing too. His wife was as gracious as he, and the kids made this stop the best one of all for Isaac. Lila liked being licked by one of the dogs.



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